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Thursday, 22 November 2012

Shkurte Fejza, sjell nje Mega album per 100 Vjetor

Kengetarja Shkurte Fejza ka qene mjaft aktive per kete 100 Vjetor duke kenduar neper koncerte brenda dhe jashte, pastaj solli dy videoklipe, por ajo nuk ndalet me kaq. Ka vendosur te permbledhe 100 kenget me te bukura nga repertoari i saj, per albumin e radhes me titull "100 kenge per 100 vjet".

“Nuk ka qene e lehte te gjenden kenget prej vitit 1980 e deri me sot, natyrisht se me eshte dashur ndihme dhe duke ju falenderuar Andreas Gajda nje shtetas gjerman i cili ne fonetiken e tij ka pasur kenget e mia nder vite. Dhe ndihme tjeter kam pasur edhe nga ‘Etno Muzik”’ me te cilet kam zgjedhur kenget dhe i kemi pergatitur per album”, ka thene ajo per “Zeri”.

Sivjet, cdo gje "kuq e zi" shitet, prandaj shume artiste jane mobilizuar kete vit ne realizimin e kengeve dedikuar 100 Vjetorit te Pavaresise, disa me shije e disa pa shije. Por, ka edhe sosh qe jane irrituar nga kjo eufori e pseudo-patriotizmit dhe e kane shprehur kete mllef haptazi ne rrjetet e tyre sociale.

Sa i perket kengetares Shkurte Fejza, mund te themi se ajo gjithmone i ka kenduar kombit dhe flamurit, dhe prandaj asaj i ka hije te kendoj dhe te veproj edhe ne kete 100 Vjetor. Ndersa, mesuam se ajo me 28 Nentor do te kendoj ne Vlore, ne qytetin ku i ka fillet dhe ky 100 Vjetor. /Albavipnews/

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[[ translation by google:
Shkurte brings a Mega album for 100 Annual

Singer Shkurte Fejza has been very active on this 100 Annual singing through concerts inside and outside, then brought two clips, but it does not stop there. Has decided to summarize the 100 most beautiful songs from her repertoire for the next album entitled "100 songs for 100 years."

"It was not easy to find songs from the year 1980 until now, of course, I had help and thank Andreas Gajda a German citizen who in his phonetics had my songs over the years. And other assistance I had from 'Ethno Music "' with whom I have chosen songs and we prepared for the album," she told "Voice".

This year, everything "red and black" sold, so many artists are mobilized this year in pursuit of the songs dedicated to 100 anniversary of independence, some taste of some tasteless. However, some of them who are frustrated by this euphoria pseudo-patriotism and have expressed this anger openly in their social networks.

Regarding singer Shkurte, I can say that it has always singing and flag nation, and therefore it is fitting to sing and act in this Annual 100. Instead, she learned that November 28 will sing in Vlora, where the city has the beginnings of this Annual 100. / Albavipnews /]]

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