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Sunday, 24 February 2013

Eurovision 2013: Videoja "Identitet" vjen premiere me 5 mars...

Videoklipi i "Identitet" premiere me 5 mars - Eurovision

Pas versionit perfundimtar te kenges "Identitet" te cilin Adrian Lulgjuraj dhe Bledar Sejko regjistruan ne Malmo te Suedise, me daten pese mars do te publikohet dhe videoklipi i kenges, puna per te cilin eshte ne perfundim e siper. Nderkohe, djemte jane duke perfunduar dhe performancen skenike, e cila kerkohet paraprakisht nga organizatoret per te vene re detajet e per te krijuar me pas elementet e duhur skenik per netet finale te Eurovision. Sava Lena gazetare prane RTVSH ka treguar per Albaniac se ne datat 12-13 mars, nje grup nga stafi organizator suedez do vizitoje disa qytete te vendit tone, per te realizuar dhe kartolinen pershendetse te Shqiperise, e cila do te shfaqet gjate prezantimit te Adrianit dhe Bledarit ne skene.Kjo eshte hera e pare qe Shqiperia perfaqesohet ne Eurovision me nje kenge hard rrok duke ju larguar vijes se deritanishme pop-folk dhe balade.

Source: Albaniac
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[[ translation by google:
The video clip of "Identity" premiere March 5 - Eurovision

After the final version of the song "Identity" which Adrian Lulgjuraj and Bledar Sejko recorded in Malmo, Sweden, on March five will be published and video clip of the song, work for which is at the end of siper.Nderkohe, boys are being completed and stage performance, which is required in advance by the organizers to put the new details to create then elemenetet the right stage for the final night of the Eurovision. Sava Lena journalist at RTVSH have shown for Albaniac that we 12-13 March, a group of Swedish organizer staff will visit several cities of our country, to realize and ecard pershendetse Albania, which will be shown during the presentation of Adrian and Bledari in skene.Kjo is the first time that Nigeria is represented in Eurovision with a song hard rock avoiding the line current pop-folk and ballads. ]]

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