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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Revista PALOMA - 9 Shkurt 2013

Revista PALOMA, 9 Shkurt 2013
  • Aferdita Dreshaj ne lidhje me Leonardo Di Caprio? Aferdita: E lumtur, edhe pse mund ta kem gabim. Shpati: Jane vetem shoke, edhe une e njoh Di Caprio-n
  • Noizy: Jam i vetmuar per Shen Valentin, s'kam kohe per femra
  • Adela i rikthehet televizionit
  • Sexy and Single; Viola Xhafaj: "Nje mashkull duhet per te ngrohur kembet"
  • Rovena Stefa: Iku koha e sharlataneve dhe mediokerve ne muzike
  • VIP Valentine; Flasin femrat e ekranit: Sabina Dana, Anila Cela, Mira Kazhani, Linda Halimi, Silvi Bakiri, Elia Shena, Iva Korumi, Fiori Dardha
  • Maya: Kam gjetur dashurine e jetes! I fejuari: Maya, me e mira nga te gjitha!
  • Tre femije VIP lindin brenda javes
  • Anna Oxa kunder Sanremos: "Eshte nje pasqyre e degradimit te vendit"
  • Tuna kapet mat me ish-te fejuarin e Dafina Zeqirit
  • Behuni te bukur per Shen Valentin, nga Niko Komani
  • IN & OUT: Denada Dejlani, Ciljeta, Dafina Zeqiri (IN); Amarda Arkaxhiu, Rovena Stefa, Pajtim Kasami (OUT)
  • Ne SKANER: Liria e fjales!
  • Tre arsye pse e duam Shen Valentinin!
  • Dhurata per Shen Valentin, te lezetshme dhe jashte kornizave. Cfare tregon dhurata e tij per Shen Valentin per marredhenien tuaj
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Paloma Magazine, 9 February 2013
  • Aferdita Dreshaj in connection with Leonardo Di Caprio? Aferdita: happy, even if I get it wrong. Cliff: Jane just friends, I know Di Caprio-n
  • Noizy: I'm lonely for St. Valentin, I have no time for women
  • Adela returns to television
  • Sexy and Single; Viola Xhafaj: "A man must for warm feet"
  • Rovena Stefa: Gone are the days of charlatans and mediocres in music
  • VIP Valentine; Speak screen women: Sabina Dana, Anila Cela, Good Kazhani, Linda Halimi, Silvi Baqir, Elia Shena, Iva Korumi, Fiori Pears
  • Maya: I found the love of her life! Fiancé: Maya, the best of all!
  • VIP three children born within a week
  • Anna Oxa against Sanremo: "It is a reflection of the degradation of the country"
  • Tuna caught mat with former fiance Dafina Zeqiri
  • Subscribe to Beautiful St. Valentin, Niko Koman
  • IN & OUT: Denada Dejlani, Ciljeta, Dafina Zeqiri (IN); Amarda Arkaxhiu, Rovena Stefa, Pajtim Kasami (OUT)
  • the scanner: Freedom of speech!
  • Three reasons why we love Valentine!
  • Gifts for St. Valentin, cool and out of the frames. What shows his gifts for Saint Valentin for your relationship

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The term is sometimes used to specifically refer to the spreading of dirt and misinformation, as (for example) through excited discussion of scandals. Some newspapers carry "gossip columns" which detail the social and personal lives of celebrities or of élite members of certain communities.

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