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Sunday, 24 March 2013

Ami-Ermalit nje striptizere dhurate per ditelindje...

Ermal Mamaqi
Ermali mbush 31 vjec, Ami dhe miqte i dhurojne nje femer bionde

Ermal Mamaqi ka mbushur 31 vjec dhe ka festuar me torte e qirinj ne oret e vota, kesaj here vetem me stafin e serialit te ri “Femrat”, ku ai eshte protagonist. Organizimi i ditelindjes eshte bere me nje rreth shume te ngushte te trupes se serialit, ndersa ka qene e pranishme dhe Amarda Toska, bashkeshortja e tij. Surpriza e mbremjes ishte nje dhurate shume e madhe e paketuar, qe ne momentin qe e ka hapur Ermali vertet eshte surprizuar. Ai zbuloi se brenda saj ishte nje femer bionde kacurrele, qe me idene e Amit ishte menduar t’i behej surprize atij per 31-vjetor. Kjo dhurate u mendua per Ermalin kesaj here edhe per t’iu pershtatur tematikes se serialit dhe xhirimeve keto dite, qe u dedikohet femrave. Por kjo ishte nje dhurate sa per show, sepse Ermalit nuk i munguan dhe dhuratat e tjera nga miqte. Dhe Ami, kesaj here i kishte blere nje ore te teknologjise se fundit, me te gjitha parametrat me te fundit.

Pas largimit nga “Apartamenti 2XL”, Ermali u angazhua me xhirimet e ketij seriali, ku ai ka rolin e nje avokati. Nderkohe qe festimi i ditelindjeve eshte pothuaj i pervitshem nga Ami dhe Ermali, pasi kane agjencine e tyre “Ami Event” dhe japin njekohesisht shembullin e tyre te organizimit te festave. Per faktin se ata i kane pervjetoret te dy ne mars, vitin e kaluar ideuan nje mbremje te perbashket per te festuar te dy 30 vitet, vetem dy net para fillimit te edicionit te ri te “Dancing with the stars”.

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[[ translation by google:
Ermali reaches 31 years, Ami and friends give a female blonde

Ermal Mamaqi has reached 31 years and has celebrated with cake and candles in the early hours of vote, this time only with the staff of the new series "Women", where he is the protagonist. Organizing birthday is done with a very tight around the body of the series, and has been present and Amarda Toska, his wife. Surprise of the evening was a great gift packaged, the moment has opened Ermali was really surprised. He discovered that inside her was a woman with curly blonde Amit idea was supposed to surprise him for 31 anniversary. This gift was meant to ErMaLi this time to fit the theme of the series and shooting these days, which is dedicated to women. But it was a gift as to show because ErMaLi not missed and other gifts from friends. And Ami, this time i had bought an hour of the latest technology, with all the latest settings. After leaving the "2XL apartment" Ermali was involved with the filming of this series, where he plays the role of a lawyer. While the annual birthday celebration is almost Ami and Ermali, after their agency "Ami Event" and give the same suit their organization holidays. The fact that they have two anniversaries in March last year designed a joint evening to celebrate both 30 years, only two nights before the start of the new edition of "Dancing with the stars". ]]

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The term is sometimes used to specifically refer to the spreading of dirt and misinformation, as (for example) through excited discussion of scandals. Some newspapers carry "gossip columns" which detail the social and personal lives of celebrities or of élite members of certain communities.

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