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Saturday, 2 March 2013

Arbana Osmani, kritikohet imazhi i ekzagjeruar me Photoshop...

Arbana Osmani
Arbana Osmani kritikohet nga fansat: E ke ekzagjeruar me fotoshop!

Ka dale ne kopertinen e revistes “Anabel” te ketij muaji dhe ka shkaktuar shume polemika. Kjo per arsyen se prezantuesja e njohur e “Big Brother” dhe “1001 Pse”, Arbana Osmani, ne foton e kesaj kopertine duket shume ndryshe nga c’eshte ne realitet. Aq me teper qe revista doli pothuajse ne te njejten dite qe Arbana u shfaq per te prezantuar “Big Brother” dhe njerezit nuk e kishin te veshtire per te bere krahasimet. Ne rrjetet e ndryshme sociale, fansa te ndryshem te prezantueses thonin se nuk kishte nevoje ta ekzagjeronte kaq shume me fotoshop-in, pasi ne te vertete ne ate foto ajo eshte totalisht e tjetersuar, qe nga forma e fytyres, mollezat e deri te hollimi i komplet imazhit te saj. Tani ne nuk i kemi besuar asnje fotoje te Arbanes qe qarkullon ne internet, por kemi publikuar nje qe e ka shkrepur vete fotografi yne rreth dy muaj me pare. Natyrisht qe fotoja eshte krejtesisht e paprekur nga fotoshop-i. Po jua leme ju ne dore te gjykoni per ndryshimin mes ketyre dy imazheve qe i perkasin te njejtit person.

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[[ translation by google:
Arbana Osmani criticized by fans: You exaggerated Fotoshop!

Has appeared on the cover of the magazine "Anabel" this month and has caused much controversy. This is because the well-known presenter of "Big Brother" and "1001 Why" Arbana Osmani, in the picture of this jacket looks very different from what it is in reality. The more so since the magazine came out almost at the same day that Arbana appeared to introduce "Big Brother" and people do not find it difficult to make comparisons. In various social networks, different fans presenter said that there was no need to exaggerate so much with Fotoshop-in, because really in that picture she is totally alienated from the shape of the face, cheekbone to the thinning of the complete her image. Now we did not believe any photo Arbana circulating on the Internet, but we have published one that has fired our files themselves about two months ago. Of course, the picture is totally untouched by Fotoshop. I tell you, let you up to the judge about the difference between these two images that belong to the same person. ]]

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