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Saturday, 2 March 2013

Shpend Zenuni, milioneri humanist qe sfidon veten ne "Big Brother"...

Shpend Zenuni
Flet miku i Shpendit, Zgjimi: Jam njeriu i vetem qe besoj se Shpendi do te ribashkohet me ish-gruan”

Shpendi, milioneri nga Kosova qe kycet ne “Big Brother”

Shpendi eshte njeri nga banoret, qe ka ardhur nga Prishtina per tu bere pjese e lojes ne spektaklin e “Big Brother”, duke sfiduar veten ne mesin e shume konkurrenteve. 30-vjecari me profesion biznesmen, si dhe menaxher i dy bizneseve dhe kompanive te medha ushqimore ne Kosove, eshte i divorcuar, ndersa nga martesa e pare ka nje vajze me emrin Liza.

Per te mesuar me shume rreth Shpendit, ne kemi realizuar nje bisede me mikun e tij, Zgjim Sojeva, i cili e pershkruan me se miri shokun, te cilin e njeh prej 14 vitesh.

“Ne njihemi prej shkolles se mesme, kemi qene ne nje brez ne shkolle te Mjekesise. Me pas kemi ndenjur bashke tere kohen, jemi shoqeri shume e madhe, po une me Shpendin jemi pak me ndryshe. Kjo per faktin se grindemi shpesh dhe ka raste kur nuk flasim nga 3-4 dite. Por, thjesht nuk mundemi pa njeri-tjetrin. Eshte shume tip impulsiv, aktiv dhe i pelqejne sfidat, eshte njeri qe nuk dorezohet kurre, i ben gjerat qe te dallohet nga pjesa tjeter e shoqerise. Eshte marre me muzike, ka kenduar dhe ka qene pjese e nje grupi muzikor, femrat i ka pike te dobet dhe eshte njeri qe gjithmone merr iniciativat. Ka deshire te rrezikoje dhe eshte shume i shoqerueshem. Shume shpejt krijon miqesi dhe si person eshte shume i ndjeshem. Shpendi eshte njeriu qe t’i thote gjerat ne sy”, thekson mbi njohjen e tyre Zgjimi. Shpendi ka qene i martuar dhe ka nje vajze, ndersa sipas burimeve tona edhe pse ai dhe bashkeshortja jane dashur shume, nuk tregohen arsyet se pse kane perfunduar me divorc. ”Ka qene i martuar dhe nga ajo martese ka nje vajze me emrin Liza. Ajo per Shpendin eshte gjeja me e rendesishme e jetes, dhurata me e mire e jetes se tij. Por, une jam akoma prej atyre njerezve qe besoj se Shpendi dhe bashkeshortja e tij kane me qene bashke perseri, per detaje te tjera nuk do doja te flisja, sepse ai nuk ka shume qejf me hy ne detaje”, shton me tej ai. “Shpendi eshte nje biznesmen shume i suksesshem, menaxher i mire i dy kompanive te medha ne Kosove, si dhe nje njeri shume human. Nuk e di sa keni degjuar per rastin e Naronit, nje femije qe ka pasur probleme me melcine dhe i eshte dashur nje transplant permes nje operacioni. Une dhe Shpendi kemi qene koordinatore te iniciatives dhe per gjashte dite kemi arritur te sigurojme mbi 150 mije euro te nevojshme per operim”, thote ne fund Zgjimi.

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[[ translation by google:
Shpend, millionaire from Kosovo to engage in "Big Brother"

Speaks Zgjimi, Shpend's friend: I am the only man to believe that the bird will reunited with ex-wife "

The bird is one of the residents, who came from Pristina to become part of the game at the spectacle of "Big Brother", challenging yourself among many competitors. 30-year-old businessman by profession, and manager of both businesses and large food companies in Kosovo, is divorced, and from the first marriage has a daughter named Liza. To learn more about the bird, we have conducted a conversation with his friend, Awakening Sojeva, who describes best friend, whom he knows from 14 years ago. "We know each other from high school, have been in a generation in the School of Medicine. Afterwards we stayed together all the time, are very big society, but I poultry are a little different. This is due to fight often and sometimes it does not speak from 3-4 days. But simply can not without each other. Is very impulsive type, active and loves challenges, is a man who never delivered, makes things that stands out from the rest of society. Dealt with music, singing and being part of a musical group, women have weak points and is a man who always takes the initiative. Is willing to compromise and is very sociable. Very soon creates friendship and as a person is very sensitive. The bird is a man who says things in the eye, "says the recognition of their awakening. The bird has been married and has one daughter, and according to our sources, even though he and his wife are deeply loved, not the reasons why they ended in divorce. "He was married and she married a girl named Lisa. It Shpend is the most important thing of life, the best gift of his life. But I'm still one of those people who believe that bird and his wife have been together again, details will not want to talk, because he does not have much fun with entering the details, "he further adds. "The bird is a very successful businessman, a good manager of two large companies in Kosovo, as well as a very human man. I do not know how you heard about Naronit case, a child who has had problems and had a liver transplant through an operation. I and the bird have been coordinator of the initiative, and in six days we managed to get over 150 thousand euros needed for operation ", says at the end of Awakening. ]]

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