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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Performanca e Bleones ne "White Party", e prezantojne si Lady Gaga e re [VIDEO]

BleonaBleona i kerkon martese promotorit Jeffrey Sanker?

Bleona zgjodhi te debutoj ne SHBA para komunitetit gay me tri kenge nga repertoari i saj anglisht. Derisa kishim pare mjaft foto nga kjo party e jashtezakonshme ne Palm Springs te Kalifornise, ku Bleona pozoi para meshkujve te bukur gjysem lakuriq por jo dhe te "rrezikshem", tash kemi mundesine te shohim kete performance edhe ne video. E veshur fillimisht si nje "bishe" qe shnderrohet ne nje diva seksi, Bleona ka ndezur atmosferen para mijerave shikueseve gay qe mbajten syte tek ajo dhe hiret e saj, gjate tere performances.

Ne fund, Bleona i eshte falenderuar promotorit kryesor Jeffrey Sanker per ftesen e bere, dhe ne kulmin e eksitimit, i ka kerkuar atij publikisht qe ta martoj ate. Besojme, qe kjo ka qene vetem nje lajke falenderuese ndaj nje promotori te fuqishem, e kengetares shqiptare qe kerkon suksesin ne SHBA, pasi e dime mire qe ajo eshte vecse e involvuar ne nje martese te lumtur me Ganiun. Apo jo, Bleona? /Albavipnews/

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[[ translation by google:
Bleones performance in "White Party" present as Lady Gaga's new

Bleona chose to debut in the U.S. before the gay community with three songs from her repertoire in English. While we had seen enough photos from this extraordinary party in Palm Springs, California, where Bleona men posed before a beautiful half-naked but not "dangerous", now have the opportunity to see this performance video.

Originally dressed as a "beast" who becomes a sex diva, Bleona has heated atmosphere before thousands of viewers gay was held to her eyes and her graces, during the entire performance.

Finally, Bleona is thanking main promoter Jeffrey Sanker for the invitation, and at the peak of excitement, has publicly asked him to marry her. We believe that it was only a thank you flattery to a powerful promoter of Albanian singer seeking success in the U.S., as well know that she is already involved in a happy marriage with Gani. Or not, Bleona? / Albavipnews / ]]

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