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Saturday, 13 April 2013

Revista BLUETOOTH - 13 Prill 2013

Revista BLUETOOTHRevista BLUETOOTH, 13 Prill 2013
  • Politika ne syte e Beses. Kengetarja sjell dy albume te reja dhe nje kenge ne bashkepunim me Mc Kreshen. Rrefimi: Shpresoj te martohem se shpejti. Deshiroj te kem dy femije, edhe pse ndonjehere kam fantazine e "shfrenuar" se mund te ishin kater.
  • Greta Koci emerohet drejtoreshe ne Ministrine e Brendshme
  • Aurela Gace, imiton veten, behet tullace si ne '98: Do jem nusja e pare me koke te rruar!
  • Ulpiana Lama: Aksidentet e mia te perditshme! Cfare do te kete pas "Pasdites", planet per te shkruan nje liber dhe marredhenia me bashkeshortin.
  • Konflikti, mamaja e Enit ofendon rende Noizy-n. Reperi: Ja pse i hoqa kenget ne Youtube!
  • Andresa iken nga "E Diela", e zevendeson Floriana Garo
  • Producenti i famshem Timbaland promovon Bleonen
  • Te rejat e BB6; Shpendi: Me Eldoren vetem shoqeri; Iliri: Elena te dale, i skadoi koha; Banorja e re ne "BB", partnerja e njerit prej djemve; Marselino ne duet me Stinen: "Kengen ia dedikoj nuses"; Iliri dhe Elona: Joana, negative dhe e pafytyre; Joana pas Anaidit ne shtrat me Edberin: "Do kthehem me Janin"; Anaidi: S'kam ndermend te pres Joanen; Vigani-Edberit: Puthe Joanen, qe te bjere ne kurthin qe bene vete.
  • Era Meta, surprize mami Monikes per ditelindje
  • Eni Vasili, ne vend te Sonila Mecos tek "ABC"
  • Maya "cmend" publikun e Bllokut
  • Laura Vorpsi deshmon marredhenien e mire "PD-Tirona"
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BLUETOOTH Magazine, 13 April 2013
  • Politics in the eyes of Besa. The singer has two new albums and a song in collaboration with Mc Kreshen. Confession: I hope to marry soon. I'd like to have two children, although sometimes I have the fantasy of "rampant" that could have been four.
  • Greta appointed director of the Ministry of the Interior
  • Aurela Gace, imitates himself, becomes bald as in '98: I'll be the first bride with shaved head!
  • Ulpiana Lama: My accidents everyday! What will be after the "Afternoon", plans to write a book and the relationship with the spouse.
  • conflict, mother entity seriously offends Noizy-n. Rapper: That's why I got the songs on Youtube!
  • Andres gone from "Sunday" is replaced by Floriana Garo
  • famous producer Timbaland promotes Bleonen
  • BB6 News; bird: With Eldoren just society; Illyria: Elena to appear, expired time; new resident in the "BB", the partner of one of the boys; Marselino duet with season: "song dedicate bride "; Illyria and Elona: Joanna, negative and shameless; Joana after Anaidit bed with Edberin:" I will return with Janie "; Anaidi: I do not intend to wait Joanen; Vigani-Edberit: Kiss Joanen, to fall in the trap to make.
  • Era Meta, surprise birthday Monikes Mom
  • Eni Vasili, instead of Sonila MECOS to "ABC"
  • Maya "crazy" block public
  • Laura Vorpsi proves relationship best "DP Tirona"

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The term is sometimes used to specifically refer to the spreading of dirt and misinformation, as (for example) through excited discussion of scandals. Some newspapers carry "gossip columns" which detail the social and personal lives of celebrities or of élite members of certain communities.

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