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Sunday, 7 April 2013

Vellai i Viganit BB6: Do e kishim pranuar Elenen si nuse ne shtepine tone...

Flet vellai, Valoni: Po te lidhej Vigani me Elenen, do e kishim pranuar

Javen qe kaloi, top teme e diskutimeve ne “Big brother” dhe jashte kane qene pikerisht skenat e nxehta mes Elenes dhe djaloshit kosovar, Vigan Shehu. Kane bere apo jo seks, kjo gje diskutohet ende, pasi jashte ka edhe versione te tjera. Ne biseduam me vellain e Viganit, i cili per shkak te angazhimeve nuk ka mundur ta ndjeke sa do te donte te vellain ne loje. Por ai nuk ngurron te na tregoje mendimin e tij mbi kete rast. “Me sa e kuptova une, ata te dy jane larguar pak nga njeri-tjetri, sepse Elena ka filluar ta ndieje veten fajtore ndaj te dashurit qe ka lene jashte. Ajo eshte duke u munduar qe t’i rezistoje shtratit te Viganit, qe te mos fleje me te me naten. Edhe po merrte mendime nga banoret e tjere se si te veproje.

Kaq kam mundur te shoh une dhe ajo ishte tema kryesore qe debatohej nga banoret”, tregon Valoni, nderkohe qe i pyetur nese si familje do e kishin pranuar Elenen si nuse ne shtepine e tyre, nese ajo ndahet nga i dashuri dhe lidhet me Viganin, ai pergjigjet: “Po more, e kishim pranuar zgjedhjen e Viganit sigurisht, ai nuk ka lene ndonje lidhje serioze jashte, femra ka sa te duash, por lidhje serioze ende jo. Elena ka lidhje serioze e ate ka filluar ta breje ndergjegjja per te dashurin qe ka lene jashte”, thekson Valoni.

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[[ translation by google:
Speaks brother, Valon: I plugged Vigani with Elenën, would have received

Last week, the top topic of discussion in the "Big Brother" and outside have been very hot scenes between Elena and Kosovar boy, Vigan Shehu. Have sex or not, this is still discussed, because out there are also other versions. We talked Vigani brother, who because of commitments could not follow much like his brother in the game. But he does not hesitate to show us his opinion on this case. "As far as I understood, they both left a little from each other, because Elena started to feel myself guilty to the loved ones left out. She is trying to resist Vigani bed, not to sleep with me at night. Even if getting opinions from other people how to act. So I could see me and it was the main topics debated by residents, "says Valon, while asking if the family had accepted Elenën as a bride in their home, whether it be separated from love and is related to Vigani, he replies: "Yes more, had received Vigani choice of course, it does not leave any serious connection off, ie. Women have as much as you want, but not yet serious connection. Elena serious concerns it has begun to devour boyfriend conscience that has been left out, "said Valon. ]]

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The term is sometimes used to specifically refer to the spreading of dirt and misinformation, as (for example) through excited discussion of scandals. Some newspapers carry "gossip columns" which detail the social and personal lives of celebrities or of élite members of certain communities.

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