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Monday, 20 May 2013

Adrian Lulgjuraj: Dhame maksimumin ne Eurovision, por nuk mjaftoi

Adrian Lulgjuraj: Dhame maksimumin, nuk mjaftoi per ne finale

Ekipi shqiptar i Eurovizionit dha maksimumin qe meritonte gjithe kombi yne. Energjia, pasioni dhe gjithe emocioni i dhene ne ato 3 minuta qe dolen nga ne, nuk ishin te mjaftueshme per t'u kualifikuar ne naten finale". Ky ka qene statusi i postuar ne rrjetin social "Facebook", nga njeri prej kengetareve qe perfaqesoi Shqiperine ne Festivalin Europian te Kenges, qe fatkeqesisht na la kete vit jashte finales. "Nuk dua t'u futem detajeve se pse ndodhi kjo gje, - shton Lulgjuraj, - por eshte nje ceshtje qe s'na takon ne artisteve. Por ju siguroj, jemi shume krenare me suportin qe na keni dhene. Ne emrin tim dhe te gjithe ekipit, dua t'ju falenderoj. Po ashtu dua te falenderoj shume koleget dhe miqte tane, qe pa rezerva na dhane kuraje, para, gjate dhe pas performances, ne krye me Elton Deden", - shprehet ai. Me tej, ai falenderon ne gjuhen angleze per komentet e mira qe iu bene kenges, duke u shprehur se fatkeqesisht, kjo kenge (Identitet) nuk beri histori ne Eurovizion. Sa i takon pjesemarrjes se ketij viti, Rona Nishliu, kengetarja nga Mitrovica qe vitin e kaluar zuri vendin e peste ne kete konkurs europian, ka deklaruar se "ne mesin e kengeve qe arriten te futeshin ne finale, padyshim qe kishte vend edhe per Shqiperine", duke dhene keshtu mbeshtetjen e saj per djemte.

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Adrian Lulgjuraj: We gave the maximum, not enough for the final

Albanian team most deserving Eurovision gave our whole nation. Energy, passion and emotion all given in those three minutes came out we were not sufficient to qualify the final night. "This status has been posted on the social network" Facebook ", by one of the singers who represented Albania in the European Festival of Song, who sadly left us this year off final. "I do not want to drive into the details of why it happened, - adds Lulgjuraj - but it is an issue of mind belongs to artists. But I assure you, we are very proud of with support you have given us. On behalf of the entire team, I thank you. Also I want to thank our many colleagues and friends, who gave us courage unreservedly, before, during and after the performance, led by Elton Deda ", - he said. Moreover, he thanks the English language was good comments did the song, saying that unfortunately, this song (Identity) did in Eurovision history. As for the participation of this year, Rona Nishliu, singer from Mitrovica last year ranked fifth in the European competition, has stated that "among the songs that managed to enter the finals, obviously there is room for Albania", thus giving its support to the boys. ]]

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