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Sunday, 26 May 2013

Bjordi, regjisor i klipit te Noizy-t

Bjordi behet regjisor i Noizit dhe aktor te klipi i Alberie Hadergjonajt

Bjordi Mezini, djali simpatik qe u be i njohur te “Big Brother 2″, gjithnje ka shprehur deshiren e tij per t’iu perkushtuar botes se filmit dhe regjise. Me sa duket, tani ka ardhur momenti qe ai ta materializoje kete deshire. Pak dite me pare, ai ka qene i angazhuar ne nje projekt shume serioz, sic eshte regjistrimi i klipit te ri te kengetarin hip-hop, Noizy-t. Bjordi ka marre persiper te beje regjine e klipit, se bashku me mikun e tij, regjisorin e “Pop Channel”, Erion Bubullima. Kenga “No worries” pritet te jete suksesi i tij i radhes. Kesaj here ai vjen per dashamiresit e muzikes se tij me nje teme sociale. Ai shfaqet si djali i lagjes, i cili prek perdite hallet e fqinjeve te tij dhe i fton politikanet qe te vijne edhe ata ne lagjen e tij te shohin se c’ndodh.

Noizy ka prekur nje plage te rinise se sotme, sic eshte varesia nga droga dhe plot probleme te tjera. Edhe klipi thuhet se eshte realizuar ne lagjet periferike te Tiranes, me qellim qe te sjelle ne menyre sa me te prekshme atmosferen dhe tematiken e kenges. Jemi kurioze te shohim dhe degjojme kengen e re te Noizy-t, ku nuk mungojne edhe sharjet me zhargonin e rruges, por jemi gjithashtu kurioze te shohim punen e Bjordi Mezinit si regjisor, duke i uruar qe te kete rruge sa me te gjate.

Bjordi gjithashtu ka qene pjesemarres edhe ne nje projekt tjeter, qe eshte klipi i kenges “Ndarja”, me te cilen kengetarja Alberie Hadergjonaj konkurron ne “Top fest”. Kesaj here Bjordi eshte zgjedhur per te bere aktorin, se bashku me nje vajze te re. Te dy ilustrojne tekstin e kenges, e cila flet per ndarjen e nje cifti. Klipi do te dale kur te mbaroje “Top Fest”.

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[[ translation by google:
Bjordi become Noizit filmmaker and actor clips Alberie Hadergjonaj

Bjordi Brother, charming boy who became known to "Big Brother 2", has always expressed his desire to devote themselves to the world of film and directing. Apparently, now it is time to materialize this desire. A few days ago, he has been engaged in a very serious project, such as registering new clip hip-hop singer, Noizy-t. Bjordi has undertaken to direct the clip, along with his friend, director of "Pop Channel", Erion thunder. The song "No worries" is expected to be his next success. This time he comes to his music lovers with a social theme. He appears as the son of the neighborhood, which affects the everyday troubles of his neighbors and invites politicians to also come to his neighborhood to see what happens. Noizy touched the wounds of today's youth, such as drug addiction and lots of other problems. Even clip allegedly carried out in the suburbs of Tirana, in order to bring in the most tangible atmosphere and theme of the song. We're curious to see and hear the new song Noizy-where there exist swearing street jargon, but are also curious to see Brother Bjordi work as a director, and wished to have more long way.

Bjordi also participated in another project, which is the clip of the song "Separation", which competes Hadërgjonaj Oda singer in "Top Fest". This time Bjordi is selected to make the actor, together with a young girl. Both illustrate the text of the song, which speaks of a couple sharing. The clip will be released when the end "Top Fest". ]]

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