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Friday, 10 May 2013

Elhaida Dani, nuk ndalet... [VIDEO]

Elhaida Dani triumfon serish

Elhaida Dani triumfon perseri ne garen e ashper te "The Voice of Italy". Kengetarja jone konkurroi mbremjen e kaluar me kengen "Nessun Dolore".

Dani,19-vjecarja nga Shkodra, e cila ben pjese ne grupin e te madhit Riccardo Cocciante-s, triumfoi serish, duke kaluar ne nje tjeter etape te ketij konkurrimi. Ajo 'mbijetoi' ne momentin e eliminimit, para te cileve u vune ne rrezik ajo bashke me tre koleget e saj.

Si gjithnje trajneret e vleresuan performacen e saj, por nuk munguan as kritikat qe ne kete faze te konkurrimit sa vijne edhe behen me te rendesishme.

Elhaida Dani eshte e njohur per publikun shqiptar si pjesemarrese ne Festivalin e Kenges, e me pas si fituese e “Top Fest 2012” ne Top Channel, me kengen “S’je me”.

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[[ translation by google:
Dan Elhaida triumphs again

Dan Elhaida triumphs again in fierce competition "The Voice of Italy". Our singer ran last night singing "Nessun dolore".

.19-Year-old Dani Shkodra, which is part of the great group's Riccardo Cocciante, triumphed again, moving to another stage of this competition. It 'survived' the moment of elimination, before which it was put at risk with three of her colleagues.

As coaches always praised her performance, but there were no reviews at this stage of the competition as well come to be more important.

Elhaida Dan is known to the public as participating in Albanian Song Festival, and later as the winner of "Top Fest 2012" Top Channel, with "you're not anymore." ]]

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