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Saturday, 18 May 2013

Revista BLUETOOTH - 18 Maj 2013

Revista BLUETOOTH, 18 Maj 2013
  • Sinan Hoxha, bllokon per 10 ore Qendren Tregtare. Rrezikohet hapja. 10 ore xhirime, 30 milion leke shpenzime dhe 100 figurante per video. Kengetari sjell se shpejti 4 klipe dhe nje album.
  • E nxehte si Aferdita Dreshaj (ne bikini). Modelja dhe kengetarja seksi josh me linjat ne plazh
  • Enxhi Kamenica pozon nudo. Fotot sensuale te modeles bukuroshe
  • "Cani & Friends"; Fotot e 'harbimit' per 45-vjetorin. Te ftuar ne feste, personalitete te jetes publike.
  • Nisida Knezi ne nje rrefim per memesine: "Eni dhe Jon, mrekullite e jetes sime"
  • Moderatori Alban Dudushi kerkon divorcin ne gjykate
  • Gruaja i lind vajze, ministri Bode ne salle
  • Zajmina 'merr peng te dashurin'
  • Te shijosh birren Peroni Nastro Azzuro ne Rezidencen e Ambasadorit te Italise
  • Percahen artistet, fushate per PS, PD dhe LSI
  • Klajda Gjoxha: Martohem ne gusht, rrefej dashurine time 15-vjecare
  • Rezarta Skifteri shtatzene, pret djale
  • Artistet, bashke si dikur...
  • Ne backstage te Eurovizionit
  • Te rejat e BB6; Edberi: Arbenita me priti krahehapur; Prishet miqesia, Elona dhe Iliri ne lufte?; Rikja: Ilir, ke shume fytyra. Iliri-Rikes: Je skuthe; 
  • Regjisori italian: Puna me Sonila Mecon, nje zbulim per mua
  • Klodiana Spahiu, edhe fushate, edhe familje
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[[ translation by google:
BLUETOOTH Magazine, May 18, 2013
Sinan Hoxha, 10 hour blocks for Trade Center. Opening compromised. 10 hours of footage, 30 million and 100 figurante ALL costs for video. Singer soon bring 4 clips and an album.
The hot as Untitled (in bikini). The model and singer seduce sex on the beach with lines
Angie posing nude Kamenica. Photos sensual lovely MODELES
"Cani & Friends" Photos of 'stomp' for 45th anniversary. Invited to the celebration, personalities of public life.
Nisida Knezi in a tale about motherhood: "Come and Jon wonders of my life"
Moderator Alban Dudushi requires divorce in court
The woman born girl, Bode in the hall
Zajmina 'pledges to boyfriend'
Enjoying beer Peroni Nastro Azzuro in Residence of the Ambassador of Italy
Disrupts artists, campaigned for SP, DP and SMI
Clyde Gjoxha: mate in August confess my love 15-year-old
Hawk Rezarta pregnant, boy waits
Artists, together as once ...
Backstage at Eurovision
What's New in BB6; Edberi: Arbenita with open arms received; breaks friendship, Elona and Illyria at war?; Rikja: Ilir, have many faces. Illyria-Rica: You skuthe;
Italian Filmmaker: Work with Sonila Mecon, a discovery for me
Klodiana Sefa, the campaign, the family ]]

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The term is sometimes used to specifically refer to the spreading of dirt and misinformation, as (for example) through excited discussion of scandals. Some newspapers carry "gossip columns" which detail the social and personal lives of celebrities or of élite members of certain communities.

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