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Thursday, 16 May 2013

Shqiperia skualifikohet nga finalja e Eurosong-ut...

Shqiperia eliminohet nga Eurosongu

Kenga “Identitet” nga Adrian Lulgjuraj dhe Bledar Sejko nuk ka arritur qe te kualifikoje Shqiperine ne finalen e madhe te Eurovision Song Contest qe po mbahet ne Malmo te Suedise.

Nata e dyte gjysmefinale e Eurosongut u mbajt ne nje atmosfere te jashtezakonshme ne Malmo te Suedise, ku te pranishem ne impiant ishin edhe shume bashkeatdhetare tane te cilet i dhane perkrahje ekipit shqiptar.

Shqiperia ne kete mbremje performoi e 14-ta, ku Bledar Sejko dhe Adrian Lulgjuraj performuan kengen e zhanrit rock, “Identitet”.

Perkunder performances mjaft inspiruese te tyre, Adriani dhe Bledari nuk arriten qe te grumbullojne numrin e mjaftueshem te votave nga evropianet dhe juria per t’u kualifikuar ne finalen e madhe te se shtunes.

Ne finale pas gjysmefinales se dyte jane kualifikuar Hungaria, Azerbaixhani, Gjeorgjia, Romania, Norvegjia, Armenia, Islanda, Finlanda, Malta dhe Greqia.

Keshtu, perpos Greqise dhe Rumanise, te gjitha vendet tjera pas dy neteve gjysmefinale kane deshtuar qe te kualifikohen ne finalen e te shtunes, duke e bere Eurosongun e ketij viti nje debakel per muziken ballkanike.

Vitin e kaluar ishte Rona Nishliu ajo qe zuri vendin e peste dhe qe shenoi suksesin me te madh ne histori te kesaj gare per Shqiperine, por kete vit ndryshoi sistemi dhe keshtu Shqiperia perkunder suksesit patjeter eshte dashur qe te perballet ne gjysmefinale me mundesine e eliminimit e cila edhe ndodhi.

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[[ translation by google:
Albania eliminated from Eurosongut

The song "Identity" by Adrian BLEDAR Sejko Lulgjuraj and failed to qualify Albania in the grand finale of the Eurovision Song Contest being held in Malmo, Sweden.

The second night semifinal of Eurosongut was held in an atmosphere of emergency in Malmo, Sweden, where the plant were also present in many of our compatriots who gave support to the Albanian team.

Albania this evening performed the 14's, where BLEDAR Sejko and Adrian Lulgjuraj performed rock genre song, "Identity".

Despite their performance quite inspiring, Adrian and Bledari failed to collect a sufficient number of votes from the jury Europeans and qualify for the grand final on Saturday.

In the second semi-final after are eligible Hungary, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Romania, Norway, Armenia, Iceland, Finland, Malta and Greece.

Thus, apart from Greece and Romania, all other countries after two nights semis failed to qualify for the finals on Saturday, making this year's Eurosongut a debacle for Balkan music.

Last year it was Rona Nishliu that placed fifth and scored the biggest success in the history of this competition for Albania, but this year changed the system and so despite the success Albania definitely had to face in the semifinals with the possibility of eliminating the which also happened. ]]

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