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Saturday, 15 June 2013

Fati bashkon Francesken dhe Anaidin ne lokalet e nates...

Anaidi, jete nate me Francesken e “Big Brother”

Te dy kane qene konkurrente ne “Big Brother”, por ne dy vite te ndryshme. Te dy krijuan lidhje dashurie brenda shtepise, Anaidi me Joanen dhe Franceska me Ermalin. Te dy u ndane nga te dashurit respektive, pas mbarimit te programit. Franceska dhe Anaidi kane fate te ngjashme, e duket se fati i bashkoi.

Ata jane pare teksa kalojne ore ne shoqerine e njeri-tjetrit ne nje nga baret e kryeqytetit. Paparaci yne i ka fotografuar teksa argetohen e buzeqeshin. Sipas thashethemeve, ky ishte takimi i tyre i pare ku u prezantuan. Edhe pse takoheshin per here te pare, dy te rinjte duket se u pershtaten mjaft mire dhe biseduan gjate. Si te djallezuar qe jemi, mendojme se edhe mund te linde dicka midis te dyve… Do presim.

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[[ translation by google:
Anaidi, night life with Francesca's "Big Brother"

The two have been competing in the "Big Brother", but in two different years. The two created a love affair inside the house, and Francis Joanën Anaidi with with meda. The two were separated from their respective loved ones, after finishing the program. Francis and Anaidi have similar fate, and it seems that fate brought them together.

They are seen as they spend hours in the company of each other in one of the bars of the capital. Our paparazzi photographed as fun and smile. According to rumors, this was their first meeting where it was presented. Although met for the first time, two young men seem to fit quite well and talked over. As mischievous as we are, we think that something might arise between the two ... I'll wait. ]]

Gossip definition

Gossip is idle talk or rumor about the personal or private affairs of others. It is one of the oldest and most common means of sharing facts, views and slander. This term is used pejoratively by its reputation for the introduction of errors and variations into the information transmitted, and it also describes idle chat, a rumor of personal, or trivial nature.

The term is sometimes used to specifically refer to the spreading of dirt and misinformation, as (for example) through excited discussion of scandals. Some newspapers carry "gossip columns" which detail the social and personal lives of celebrities or of élite members of certain communities.

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