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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Iris Shala, shqiptarja e pare "Playmate"

Iris Shala eshte mbesa e aktorit te madh, te ndjere kosovar, Abdurrahman Shala

Prishtinasja Iris Shala "Playmate" e korrikut 2013

Aktorja dhe topmodelja 22 vjece, Iris Shala, e lindur ne Prishtine dhe qe jeton ne Graz te Austrise eshte zgjedhur per "Playmate July 2013", titull qe e shpall revista per meshkuj "Playboy", botimi gjerman per cdo muaj.

Irisi eshte e njohur edhe nga nje rol qe jo ka luajtur ne serialin e njohur gjerman "Anna und die Liebe" (Ana dhe dashuria). Ne Austri ajo ka fituar vendin e tete ne nje gare per topmodelen me te mire.

Ne biografine e saj shkruan se eshte e lindur me 10 gusht te vitit 1990 ne Prishtine.

Ne intervistat qe ka dhene per mediet e ndryshme austriake dhe gjermane, Irisi thote se gjithmone ka pasur nje afinitet per aktrimin. Kete e ka edhe njefare trashegimie, thote ajo, dhe zbulon se gjyshi i saj ka qene Abdurrahman Shala, nje aktor i shquar i gjenerates se pare te aktoreve te teatrit dhe te filmit ne Kosove.

Eshte me siguri shqiptarja e pare qe zgjidhet "Playmate" ne revisten e njohur per prezantimin erotik te femrave, "Playboy".

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[[ translation by google:
Pristina Iris Shala "Playmate" of July 2013

Iris Shala is the granddaughter of the great actor, the late Kosovo, Abdurrahman Shala

Actress and Topmodel 22 years, Iris Shala, born in Pristina and living in Graz, Austria was chosen for "Playmate July 2013," the magazine proclaimed title of men "Playboy", the German publication each month.

Iris is also known by a role that has not played in the famous German TV show "Anna und die Liebe" (Ana and love). In Austria it has won eighth place in the race for best topmodelen.

Writes in her biography that is born on 10 August 1990 in Pristina.

In interviews given to various media Austrian and German Iris says it has always been an affinity for acting. This was the kind of heritage, she says, and discovers that her grandfather was Abdurrahman Shala, a prominent actor of the first generation of actors and movie theater in Kosovo.

It's certainly the first Albanian chosen "Playmate" in the magazine well known for erotic presentation of women, "Playboy". ]]

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