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Sunday, 30 June 2013

Revista PALOMA - 29 Qershor 2013

Revista PALOMA - 29 Qershor 2013
Revista PALOMA, 29 Qershor 2013
  • Zanfina Ismajli: Nuk jam romantike, s'e kam mendjen te dasma. Dhunen nga i dashuri s'do ta toleroja
  • Sheila: Ky eshte momenti i duhur! Nje bashkepunim me "Maroon 5" do te me pelqente. Ikonat e mia, Rihanna dhe Madonna
  • Zgjedhjet mbaruan, a do te flas Armina?
  • "Miss Shqiperia 2013", Fiorenza Lekstakaj: Familjaret me thane se cmimet shiten, por nuk rezultoi keshtu!
  • Nora Istrefi - Imazh i pijes "Erotik" - nuk i heq cizmet nga kemba
  • Ardian Bujupi rreh paq nje student, rrezikon burgun
  • Mirela Milori: Kam nisur nje cikel te ri ne jete
  • Ingrid Gjoni, gati kenga e re
  • Martohet cifti i balerineve, me pushime ne Amerike
  • Mamaqi e mban mire me te gjithe: edhe socialist, edhe demokrat!
  • Anjeza ne Azerbejxhan, merre pjese ne "Univision"
  • Nga Niko Komani: 14 gjera qe duhet te dalin nga moda
  • 1 Minute me "Offchestra" - Sezgin Guri
  • IN&OUT: Gjergj Leka, Rita Ora, Amarda Toska (IN); Saja & Astriti, Seldi, Antre (OUT)
  • Ne SKANER: Kenget Verore
  • Shqiptaret ne Amerike! Kush deshtoi dhe kush po ben sukses: Parashqevi Simaku, Bleona Qereti, Genta Ismajli, Dafina Zeqiri, Linda Halimi, Aurela Gace, Modelet me me fat...
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[[ translation by google:
PALOMA Magazine, 29 June 2013
Perpisahan: I'm not romantic, I do not mind the wedding. The love from violence will not be tolerated
Sheila: This is the right moment! A collaboration with "Maroon 5" I would have liked. My icons, Rihanna and Madonna
Elections are over, will speak Arminia?
"Miss Albania 2013" Fiorenza Lekstakaj: Families with said they sold prices, but did not do so!
Nora Istrefi - Image drinking "Erotic" - does not detract from leg boots
Ardian Bujupi more peace beats a student threatens prison
Mirela Milori: I started a new cycle in life
Ingrid, nearly new song
The couple wed dancer, on vacation in America
Mamaqi keeps well with everyone: even socialist even democrat!
Agnes the Azerbaijan, take part in "Univision"
By Niko Koman: 14 things you need to go out of fashion
1 Minute to "Offchestra" - Sezgin Stone
IN & OUT: George Leka, Rita Ora, Amarda Tosca (IN); Saja & Astriti, Documentary, Antre (OUT)
We Scanner: Summer Songs
Albanians in America! Who failed and who is doing successfully: Parashqevi Simaku, Bleona Qereti, Genta Ismajli, Dafina, Linda Halimi, Aurela Gace, models lucky ... ]]

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The term is sometimes used to specifically refer to the spreading of dirt and misinformation, as (for example) through excited discussion of scandals. Some newspapers carry "gossip columns" which detail the social and personal lives of celebrities or of élite members of certain communities.

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