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Monday, 8 July 2013

Adrola Dushi feston 20 vjetorin, e dashuruar...

“Miss Albania”, Adrola Dushi feston 20-vjetorin

Adrola Dushi, vajza nga Rresheni qe u shpall “Miss Albania 2012”, organizuar nga Vera Grabocka dhe fotografi i njohur Fadil Berisha, ka festuar 20- vjetorin ne nje mbremje te organizuar me miqte. Vajza, e cila perfaqesoi Shqiperine ne “Miss Univers”, por qe nuk arriti dot te klasifikohej ne 15 me te mirat, u ka bere nje surprize miqve nje darke festive per shoqerine e saj. Adrola, nje miss me tiparet e brunes, ka qene e preferuara e Fadil Berishes ne garen e “Miss Albania”. Ajo mund te konsiderohet me fat, pasi spektakli qe u transmetua ne “Tv Klan” kete vit ka ekskluzivitetin e licencave me te medha boterore: “Miss World”, “Miss Universe”, “Elite Fashion” dhe “Mister World”. Nderkohe qe ende nuk e dime nese Adroles i eshte bere ndonje oferte speciale keto kohe.

Adrola Dushi nga Shqiperia dhe Diana Avdiu nga Kosova, gjate spektaklit te prezantimit ne Las Vegas, rane ne sy per linjat e bukura. Adrola dhe Diana perfaqesuan Shqiperine dhe Kosoven ne “Miss Universe 2012”, qe u mbajt me 19 dhjetor ne Las Vegas, dhe qe ne kete rast u duhej te ishin dhe ne konkurrence me njera-tjetren. Duket se pas kesaj gare, Adrola i ka mire punet e zemres, pasi eshte pare shpesh ne shoqerine e nje djali simpatik.

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[[ translation by google:
"Miss Albania" Adrola Dushi celebrates 20th anniversary

Adrola Dushi daughter of Rrsheni that was declared "Miss Albania 2012" organized by the Wine Grabocka and photographer Fadil Berisha known is celebrating 20 - the anniversary organized an evening with friends. The girl, who represented Albania at the "Miss Universe" but failed to classify the 15 best has made ​​a surprise visitors a festive dinner for her friends. Adrola a miss with features Brunes was the favorite of the race Fadil Berisha "Miss Albania". It can be considered lucky because the show that aired on "TV Klan" this year has exclusive licenses bigger world, "Miss World" "Miss Universe" "Elite Fashion" and "Puzzle World". While still do not know if Adrolës has made ​​a special offer these days.

Dushi Adrola from Albania and Kosovo Avdi Diana during the presentation show in Las Vegas caught the eye for fine lines. Adrola and Diana represented Albania and Kosovo in the "Miss Universe 2012", held on December 19 in Las Vegas and in this case should have been and in competition with each other. It seems that after the race Adrola is crestfallen heart failure, as is often seen in the company of a charming boy. ]]

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