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Sunday, 7 July 2013

Bleona, heq te brendshmet per Revisten "Teuta"...

Bleona pa te brendshme ne fotot e reja

E shquar gjithnje per foto shume sensuale, Bleona edhe kesaj here ka bere te njejten gje. Revista “Teuta”, e cila botohet ne Kosove, ka pasur ne kopertinen e ketij muaji Bleonen.

Tashme qe realizoi nje duet me Getoarin, natyrisht qe terhoqi vemendjen e mediave shqiptare, por kurioziteti jone per te mbeten gjithnje fotot.

Edhe kesaj here fotot e Bleones, te realizuara per kete reviste, jane shume seksi, por ne zgjodhem ate qe na u duk si me “pikantja”.

Me nje veshje ngjyre jeshile, shume transparente, kuptohet qarte se Bleona nuk ka perdorur te brendshme.

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[[ translation by google:
Bleona without underwear in new photos
The more prominent the more sensual picture, Bleona has once again done the same thing. Magazine "Teuta", which is published in Kosovo, has been on the cover of this month Bleonën. Already had a duet with Getoarin, naturally drew the attention of the Albanian media, but our curiosity to remain forever pictures. Once more photos Bleonës, conducted for the magazine, are very sexy, but we chose what seemed like the "spicy". With a green dress, very transparent, clearly understood that Bleona has no internal use. ]]

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Gossip is idle talk or rumor about the personal or private affairs of others. It is one of the oldest and most common means of sharing facts, views and slander. This term is used pejoratively by its reputation for the introduction of errors and variations into the information transmitted, and it also describes idle chat, a rumor of personal, or trivial nature.

The term is sometimes used to specifically refer to the spreading of dirt and misinformation, as (for example) through excited discussion of scandals. Some newspapers carry "gossip columns" which detail the social and personal lives of celebrities or of élite members of certain communities.

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