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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Bleona josh ne bikini...

...joshja qe vjen nga deti

Ajo terheq gjithmone vemendje... Me deklaratat, look-un, format. Me gjithcka.

Bleona Qereti, kengetarja e njohur shqiptare qe po lufton fort per te arritur suksesin ne Amerike, shfaqet shume joshese ne keto foto te pushimeve te saj te fundit.

Megjithese pjesen me te madhe te kohes po e kalon ne studio duke punuar per materiale te reja muzikore, Bleona e gjen gjithmone kohen per te argetuar veten dhe familjaret e saj.

Nuk ia kursen kurre relaksin vetes dhe ndoshta kjo eshte arsyeja pse ajo eshte gjithmone ne forme. Ylli shqiptar pritet qe te publikoje shume shpejt nje tjeter singell ne gjuhen angleze, nderkohe qe ne shtator do te mbaje koncertin e saj te radhes, ne Las Vegas.

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[[ translation by google:
Bleona Qereti, attraction comes from the sea

It always attracts attention ... Statements, un look, format. With everything. Bleona Qereti, known Albanian singer who is struggling hard to achieve success in America, appear more attractive in these pictures of her recent vacation. Although most of the time going through the studio working on new music material, Bleona always finds time to entertain yourself and her family. There he saves himself never relax and maybe that is why she is always in shape. Albanian star is expected to soon publish another singell in English, while in September will hold its next concert in Las Vegas. ]]

Gossip definition

Gossip is idle talk or rumor about the personal or private affairs of others. It is one of the oldest and most common means of sharing facts, views and slander. This term is used pejoratively by its reputation for the introduction of errors and variations into the information transmitted, and it also describes idle chat, a rumor of personal, or trivial nature.

The term is sometimes used to specifically refer to the spreading of dirt and misinformation, as (for example) through excited discussion of scandals. Some newspapers carry "gossip columns" which detail the social and personal lives of celebrities or of élite members of certain communities.

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