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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Rikja e "BB6", merr oferta qe nga televizioni e deri tek politika...

Rikja e “Big Brother” merr oferta nga politika

Zhvendoset ne Spanje me te dashurin dhe reflekton per alternativat edhe ne boten e televizionit.

Tundohet per t’u rikthyer perfundimisht ne Tirane.

Ofertat i ka nga fusha te ndryshme, qe nga televizioni e deri te politika. Por, thuhet se Rike do te mendoje me te miren per veten, qe mund te jete ndoshta edhe nje vendim qe do ta ktheje ate ne Tirane.

Shume mund te jene kureshtare te dine se si po vazhdon jeta e banoreve me te spikatur te “Big Brother 6”, mes te cileve dhe modeles nga Durresi, por qe jeton ne Itali, Rike Roci. Natyrisht qe tashme te gjithe jane kthyer nga vendet ku kane ardhur, per te rinisur jeten aty ku e kane lene, duke iu dorezuar pushimeve verore deri ne marrjen e ndonje oferte speciale per ne vjeshte.

Ashtu si Rike, e cila pas disa javesh qendrimi ne Tirane dhe angazhimit ne ekran me pjesemarrjen ne disa programe te “Top Channel” ku ishte e ftuar, tashme eshte rikthyer ne Itali prane familjes dhe te dashurit te saj, Luca Binatti, me te cilin eshte duke pushuar ne Itali ne shoqerine e motres se saj dhe mikeshave te ngushta. Nderkohe qe sipas burimeve tona, Rike keto dite do te zhvendoset ne Spanje, per te shoqeruar te dashurin e saj Dj atje, i cili eshte ne kulmin e karrieres dhe gjate pushimeve te veres ka ne axhende per te luajtur ne club-et me te njohura te Spanjes, ku dhe turistet jane te shumte. Kemi mundur te sigurojme keto foto te Rikes 24-vjecare dhe te dashurit te saj italian, nje vit me te madh, ndersa pushojne ne plazhet e Italise keto dite te nxehta, teksa po pergatiten te largohen tashme. Dhe do te jene dy muaj reflektimi per te shqyrtuar oferten me te mire te punes qe Rike do te nise ne shtator. Ofertat i ka nga fusha te ndryshme, qe nga televizioni e deri te politika. Por, thuhet se Rike do te mendoje me te miren per veten, qe mund te jete ndoshta edhe nje vendim qe me gjasa ta ktheje ate ne Tirane. Megjithate, vete Rike ende nuk ka vendosur te flase per kete ceshtje, pasi tashme konsiderohet nje sekret qe ajo mund ta zbuloje kur t’i vije koha. Per momentin i mbetet te cmallet e te shijoje lidhjen e saj me Lucen, qe eshte nga ato lidhjet e konsoliduara, pasi ata jane bashke prej shtate vitesh dhe nuk jane ndare ne asnje moment, aq sa e shoqerojne njeri-tjetrin edhe ne angazhimet e tyre te punes. Nga ana tjeter, Rike nuk e ka fshehur qe eshte nje simpatizante e Partise Socialiste, edhe pse nuk eshte pozicionuar diku, pavaresisht faktit se kur doli nga loja e “Big Brother” ishte atmosfere zgjedhjesh. Per sa i perket lidhjes me Luca-n, ata thuhet se kane plane serioze bashke, pasi miqte i mbajne mend gjithmone keshtu qe prej 7 vitesh. Rike jeton prej 16 vitesh ne Itali, e nderkohe qe ka qene angazhuar me moden, tani punon si hair styler (parukiere) atje. Ajo u pohoi banoreve se ne “Big Brother” kishte hyre per qejf, pasi edhe vitin e kaluar kishte pasur oferte per te qene pjese e “BB”, por e kishte refuzuar ne momentin e fundit, per shkak te impenjimeve profesionale ne Itali.

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[[ translation by google:
Rikja of "Big Brother" gets offers from politics

Moved to Spain with her boyfriend and reflects the options in the world of television.

Eventually tempted to return to Tirana.

Has offers from different fields, from television to politics. But, said Rike will think best for themselves, which could possibly be a decision that would return him here.
Many may be curious to know how life is still the most prominent residents of "Big Brother 6", between whom and MODELES from Durres, but living in Italy, Rike Roci. Of course now everyone is back where they came from, to restart their lives where they left off, surrendering summer to take a special offer for autumn. Like Rike, which after a few weeks staying in Tirana and commitment on the screen with participation in some programs "Top Channel" which was invited, is now back in Italy with the family and her boyfriend, Luca Binatti, which Italy is relaxing in the company of her sister and friends to be close. Meanwhile, according to our sources, Rike these days will be moved to Spain, to accompany her boyfriend DJ there, which is at the peak of career and during summer vacation is on the agenda for the club to play in the most popular et Spain, where tourists are numerous. We managed to get these pictures Rican 24-year-old and her Italian boyfriend, a great year, and relax on the beaches of Italy these hot days, as he was preparing to leave now. And there will be two months of reflection to consider the best offer that Rike work will start in September. Has offers from different fields, from television to politics. But, said Rike will think best for themselves, which could possibly be a decision likely to return him here. However, Rike itself has not yet decided to speak on this issue, as already considered a secret that it can detect when the time comes. Currently the remains of cmallet taste of her relationship with Luce, who is from the consolidated links, as they are seven years together and not separated at any time, as long as the accompanying each other in their efforts working. On the other hand, has not hidden Rike is a sympathizer of the Socialist Party, although it is positioned somewhere, despite the fact that the game came from the "Big Brother" was the election atmosphere. In terms of connectivity with Luca-in, they say they have serious plans together, as friends of so always remember about 7 years. Rike living in Italy for 16 years, and while it has been engaged in fashion, now works as a hair styler (hairdresser) there. She said residents of the "Big Brother" was entered for fun, as well as last year had to offer was part of "BB", but refused at the last moment due to professional commitments in Italy. ]]

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