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Monday, 8 July 2013

S'eshte shaka, Agron Llakaj ben nderhyrje estetike ne fytyre...

Agron Llakaj, pasi ka kaluar te 50-at u nenshtrohet trajtimeve estetike per fytyren

Si nje personazh i njohur i humorit prej vitesh ne ekran, duket se moderatori i spektaklit “Al Pazar” ne “Vizion Plus” ka filluar t’i kushtoje me shume vemendje pamjes e tij, tani qe eshte 53 vjec. Vitet bejne punen e tyre, por edhe Llakaj ka menduar si t’u shkoje ndesh gjurmeve te moshes ne lekure, duke nisur nje seance trajtimesh intensive ne mbyllje te sezonit televiziv dhe pak dite para fillimit te pushimeve, qe ai si cdo vit i ben ne plazhet e Greqise. Kete trajtim ai madje nuk e fsheh, duke pranuar te pozoje se bashku me estetisten e qendres “Kleopatra”, ku ai eshte klient i saj. Nderkohe nuk e dime se sa do te kujdeset Agroni per peshen, per te humbur kilet e teperta qe ka vendosur keto vitet e fundit. Moderatori i njohur i spektaklit “Portokalli” u rikthye vitin e kaluar pas dy vitesh ne rolin e moderatorit te humorit, ku si shoeman i nje “pazari televiziv” me te ftuar solli nje spektakel ndryshe.

Ne kete format te realizuar me Arian Culiqin, Llakaj ishte i zoti i shtepise qe priste e percillte njerez dhe ngjarje ne 1 ore e 15 minuta spektakel. Per here te pare ai mori rolin e komentatorit mbi realitetin komik shqiptar, ku dha dhe mendime personale me nota humori. Nderkohe qe le te shohim se si do te shfaqet Llakaj ne ekran pas pushimeve, per sa i perket look-ut, edhe pse mund te themi qe eshte nga te paktet meshkuj ekrani te brezit te tij qe u nenshtrohet trajtimeve estetike.

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[[ translation by google:
Agron Llakaj after passing 50's aesthetic treatments were subjected to face

As a well-known character humor for years on screen it seems that the moderator of the show "Al Pazar" in "Vision Plus" has begun to pay more attention to his appearance which is now 53 years old. Years doing their job but also Llakaj thought as to go against the skin traces of age, starting a session at the end of intensive treatments television season and a few days before the holiday as it makes the lift year beaches of Greece. This treatment does not even hide it, agreeing to pose together with the center estetisten "Cleopatra" where he is her client. While we do not know how to take care Agron weight to lose the extra kilos has established in recent years. Moderator famous show "Orange" returned last year after two years in the role of moderator of humor which shoëman as a "bazaar" television with guest brought a different spectacle. In this format Arian realized Çuliqin Llakaj was the master of the house convey the expectation of people and events in 1 hour and 15 minute show. For the first time he took the role of commentator on Albanian comic reality which gave personal notes and thoughts humor. Meanwhile, let's see how it will appear on the screen after the holidays Llakaj in terms of look-regulation, although we can say that is one of the few men of his generation screen which is subject to aesthetic treatments. ]]

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The term is sometimes used to specifically refer to the spreading of dirt and misinformation, as (for example) through excited discussion of scandals. Some newspapers carry "gossip columns" which detail the social and personal lives of celebrities or of élite members of certain communities.

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