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Saturday, 24 August 2013

Ermal Merdani, ne plazhet e Jugut me te dashuren e re...

Ermal Merdani, fotot e pushimeve me te dashuren e re

Ermal Merdani i “Big Brother 5” tashme del hapur me te dashuren e tij te re, Eriselda. Pas mbylljes se fushates zgjedhore, ku Ermal Merdani i “Big Brother 5” ishte i angazhuar me Forumin Rinor Demokristian dhe diplomimit ne Degen e Shkencave Politike, ai ka menduar te pushoje ne plazhet e Jugut, duke shijuar keto dite te nxehta me diell, not dhe argetime te ndryshme te jetes se nates. Ermali duket se ndihet i lumtur ne pranine e te dashures se tij brune, me te cilen tashme kalojne shume kohe bashke. Ata po kalojne disa dite pushimesh per ta njohur edhe me shume njeri-tjetrin ne kete lidhje, qe deri tani duket e konsoliduar. Gjate pushimeve kane realizuar nje album fotosh te nxehta, ku shfaqen ne shume ambiente te dashuruar ne krah te njeri-tjetrit. Pervec lojerave dhe pozave me shume dashuri, nuk hezitojne te shkembejne dhe ndonje puthje. Nuk dihet me shume per detajet e njohjes me te re te Ermalit me kete vajze, gjithsesi ata duket se po i shijojne keto momente. Fotot e para te ciftit u botuan nga “Panorama Plus” pak jave me pare, ndersa merrnin rreze ne pishinat e Tiranes.

Ata shkembejne mesazhe dashurie ne profilet e tyre ne facebook, nderkohe qe kane miq te perbashket me te cilet frekuentohen rregullisht. Ermali do te rikthehet serish ne ekran gjate sezonit te ri televiziv ne programin “Tjetri”, ku shfaqej cdo mesdite si corientuesi i lojtareve femra te ketij programi ne “Top Channel”. Pas ndarjes nga Franceska Jace, vajza nga Vlora qe u be e njohur brenda lojes se “Big Brother 5”, Ermali eshte shfaqur ne faqet e shtypit roze vetem per lidhjet e tij te shkurtra.

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[[ translation by google:
Ermal Merdani, holiday photos with new girlfriend

Ermal Merdani of "Big Brother 5" now appears open with his new girlfriend, Eriselda. After the close of the campaign, where Ermal Merdani of "Big Brother 5" was involved with Christian Democratic Youth Forum and graduation at the Department of Political Science, he is supposed to stop in South beaches, enjoying the hot sunny days, swimming various entertainment and night life. Ermal seems to feel happy in the presence of his girlfriend brunette, which already spend more time together. They spend a few days holiday known to each other more in this regard, which so far seems consolidate. During the holidays have realized a hot photo album, appearing in many places where lovers next to each other. In addition to games and shots with love, do not hesitate to share and a kiss. Not much is known about the details of the new knowledge meda with this girl, however they seem to enjoy these moments are. The first photos of the couple were published by "Panorama Plus" a few weeks ago, while taking into pools range of Tirana. They exchange love messages on their Facebook profiles, and have shared with friends who attended regularly. Ermal will return again to display the new television season in the "Other", which appeared every afternoon as çorientuesi of female players in the program "Top Channel". After separation from Jace Francis, daughter of Vlora which became known within the game of "Big Brother 5" Ermali appeared in the media only pink ties his shorts. ]]

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The term is sometimes used to specifically refer to the spreading of dirt and misinformation, as (for example) through excited discussion of scandals. Some newspapers carry "gossip columns" which detail the social and personal lives of celebrities or of élite members of certain communities.

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