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Saturday, 3 August 2013

Revista PANORAMA PLUS - 3 Gusht 2013

Revista PANORAMA PLUS - 3 Gusht 2013
Revista Panorama Plus, 3 Gusht 2013
  • Olta Gixhari, pa tabu! Pranon te luaj lesbiken ne filmin e ri te Fatmir Kocit
  • Rike Roci: Pushimet pa te dashurin dhe rikthimi ne ekran si moderatore. Kam qejf te konkurroj ne DSW, deshiroj Leon Cinon per partner
  • Anaidi: E verteta e armes qe gjeti policia ne makinen time
  • Floriana Garo: Si ka ndryshuar jeta ime ne krah te Tedit
  • Elena e BB6, ne plazh me mikesha
  • Pas ndarjes, Mirjeta e BB4 kalon pushimet me nje djale tjeter
  • Armina Mevlani terheq vemendjen me linjat seksi
  • Mihrije Braha, provokuese edhe kete vere
  • Xhensila vizition Monte Karlon
  • Adelina Ismajli, ne koncerte me veshje nga stilistja kosovare Vjollca Llapashtica
  • Landi i WSF, perseri single
  • Nora mbulohet ne xhami, me pas ndryshon look
  • Genta Ismajli fsheh trupin ne pishina
  • Argjentina nuk sjell kenge kete vere, por nuk kursen imazhet e nxehta
  • Andi Bejtja pushon te Gjiri i Lazit
  • Ministri Tafaj, ne plazh preferon baret
  • Gaz Paja i "Portokallise", ne pishina vetem me meshkuj
  • Elvis Pupa: Ne vjeshte rikthimi im do te jete nje befasi e madhe
  • Linda Halimi krenohet me burrin e saj Big D, e quan "sexy"
  • Afrim Alia vulos 20-vjetorin e karrieres si model me foto "hard" ne uje
  • Luzja e "Portokallise", transformohet ne nje femer seksi
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[[ translation by google:
Plus magazine Panorama, 3 August 2013
Diana Gixhari, without taboos! Lesbiken agrees to play in the new film Fatmir Koci
Rike Roci: Holidays without the boyfriend and return to the screen as moderator. I'd love to compete at DSW, I want to partner Leon Cino
Anaidi: The truth of the gun that police found in my car
Floriana Garo: How has my life next to Teddy
BB6 Elena, on the beach with girlfriend
After separation, the BB4 Mirjeta passes next vacation with a boy
Arminia Mevlana draws attention to sex lines
Braha, provocative this summer
Monte Carlo or visits Xhensila
Adelina, in concert with clothing from Kosovo stilistja Nader Llapashtica
Land of the WSF, single again
Nora is covered in glass, then changes the look
Wiley hide the body in the pool
Argentina does not bring songs this summer, but not the hottest saves images
Andy Bejtja ceases to Lazi Bay
Minister Tafaj, we prefer beach bars
The gas Paja "Portokallise", we only pools Men
Elvis Pupa: In autumn my return will be a big surprise
Linda Halimi boasts her husband Big D, calls "sexy"
Alia Approach seals 20-year career as a photo model with "hard" water-
Luzja the "Portokallise", transformed into a sexy woman ]]

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The term is sometimes used to specifically refer to the spreading of dirt and misinformation, as (for example) through excited discussion of scandals. Some newspapers carry "gossip columns" which detail the social and personal lives of celebrities or of élite members of certain communities.

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