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Monday, 2 September 2013

Rike Roci, "topless" ne plazhet e Ibizes...

... pushime ne Ibiza me te dashurin, del ‘topless’

Ajo do te mbahet mend gjate si banorja me e bukur e “Big Brother 6”. Megjithese jo me ‘kuroren’ e fitueses ne koke, Rike Roci mori kete vere gjithe vemendjen e medias, duke u kthyer keshtu ne personazhin me te dashur te kopertinave roze. Linjat e nxehta dhe tiparet tipike mesdhetare, jane ato qe e ndihmuan bukuroshen nga Durresi te fitonte faqet e para mes dhjetera personazheve te rendesishme. Keshtu do te ndodhe edhe sot, pasi fotot e pushimeve te Rikes ne Ibiza nuk mund te kalojne pa vemendje. Imazhet e nxehta te modeles krah te dashurit italian, Luka, publikohen sot per here te pare ne “Bluetooth”.

Dhe jo vetem kaq! Edhe kjo foto e ishbanores se “BB” me kurriz, qe te le te kuptosh se Rikja po ben plazh ‘topless’. Cifti simpatik ka zgjedhur qe te pushojne ne Formentera si fillim, per te vazhduar me tej ne Ibiza, ku Luka eshte i angazhuar me pune si DJ. Marredhenia e tyre u vu ne pikepyetje gjate kesaj vere, duke qene se Rikja u shfaq e vetme, nen shoqerine e miqve, teksa pushonte ne plazhet e jugut. Por ja tek vijne keto foto per te shuar cdo thashethem. Vajza bukuroshe do te shfaqet ne fillim te sezonit televiziv me nje projekt mjaft interesant, nga i cili nuk jane mesuar ende detaje.

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[[ translation by google:
Rike Roci, holiday in Ibiza with boyfriend, goes 'topless'

She will long be remembered as the most beautiful resident of "Big Brother 6". Although not the 'crown' the winner in the head, took the Rike Roci
summer all the media attention, thus turning into the most beloved character pink jacket. Hot lines and Mediterranean features, are what helped win bukuroshen from Durres among dozens of pages of important personages. So will it be today, after photos Rica vacation in Ibiza can not go without attention. Images of hot MODELES loved Italian side, Luke, published today for the first time in "Bluetooth".

And not only that! Even this picture ishbanores of "BB" with expense, that suggests that doing Rikja beach 'topless'. Charming couple has chosen to relax in Formentera initially, to proceed further in Ibiza, where Luke is committed to work as a DJ. Their relationship was put into question this summer, as the only Rikja appeared, in the company of friends, while laying on the beaches of the south. But the picture has to come to quell any rumors. Lovely girl will appear in early television season with a very interesting project, from which the details are not yet learned. ]]

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