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Saturday, 16 November 2013

Puna e gjoksit te Oltes, perfundon ne gjyq...

Olta e “BB3” hedh ne gjyq spitalin privat ku kreu nderhyrje ne gjoks

Edhe pse kane kaluar me shume se tri vite nga pjesemarrja e saj ne “Big Brother 3”, ku u be e njohur, natyrisht qe nuk e keni harruar Olta Sheten, vajza e cila trazoi ujerat ne ate shtepi me lojen e saj mes ciftit Erion dhe Bertina. Keto vite Olta ka preferuar te qendroje larg medies, edhe per faktin se nuk ka mundur te depertoje dot ne boten e televizionit, nje terren qe ka rezultuar ne shumicen e rasteve i pamundur per personazhet qe dalin nga ky “reality show”. E gjithsesi, per linjat ajo vazhdon te kujdeset, duke guxuar edhe me nderhyrje plastike. E ndryshe nga shumica e vajzave qe kerkojne te zmadhojne gjoksin me ane te nderhyrjes plastike, Olta ka kerkuar ta zvogeloje ate per te qene me rehat ne plazh me bikini. Por ne vend qe operacioni t’ia thjeshtonte punen, rezultati jo i mire ne estetiken e tij pas nderhyrjes e ka detyruar Olten te mos mund te zhvishej fare kete vere.

Nuk dime detaje se cfare i eshte dukur keq Oltes ne gjoksin e saj te ri, por nje nga problemet e evidentuara nga ajo jane shenjat e dukshme te bisturise. Olta ka vendosur te hape nje proces gjyqesor ndaj spitalit privat ku kreu nderhyrjen dhe ku do te kerkoje demshperblim ne para per demin e shkaktuar, ose nje rinderhyrje falas per te arritur rezultatin e pretenduar nga ana e saj. Avokati qe do e mbroje ne kete ceshtje ne Gjykate, z.Idajet Beqiri, tha per gazeten “Panorama”: “Po, eshte e vertete qe i jemi drejtuar Gjykates per t’i kerkuar spitalit qe kreu nderhyrjen qe t’i shperbleje klientes qe une perfaqesoj demin e rendesishem moral e financiar dhe shqetesimin shpirteror qe i eshte shkaktuar Olta Shetes”. Nderhyrjet plastike ne gjoks te vajzat e njohura tashme jane kthyer ne mode. Edhe pse vendosin ta ribejne gjoksin, shumica e tyre nuk e pranojne publikisht kete fakt, duke e konsideruar ende nje tabu. Pas daljes nga “BB”, Olta deklaroi ne media se vendos vete per zgjedhjet e saj, edhe pse keshillohet fillimisht me familjaret per ceshtje te tilla kaq delikate.

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[[ translation by google:
Olta of BB3 " sues private hospital where she's done her breasts

Although it has been more than three years from its participation in the " Big Brother 3 " , where it became known , of course, have not forgotten Shetën Olta , the girl who stirred the waters in that house with her ​​game between the pair Erion and Bertina . These years Olta has preferred to stay away from the media , even the fact that he could not penetrate dot in the world of television , a field that has resulted in many cases impossible for the characters to come out of this " reality show " . And anyway , she continues to take care lines , daring interference with plastic . And unlike most girls who want to enlarge by interfering yogurt plastic , Olta asked to reduce it to be more comfortable in a bikini on the beach . But instead of surgery to simplify the work , not the best result in its aesthetics after intervention has forced Olten can not undress at all this summer . We do not know the details of what is wrong Oltes seen in her new breasts , but one of the problems identified by it are obvious signs of bisturisë . Olta has decided to open a private lawsuit against the hospital where he will intervene and where to seek compensation for damage caused , or a free rindërhyrje to achieve the results claimed by her . The lawyer will defend this matter in court , z.Idajet Beqiri , told the newspaper " Panorama " : " Yes , it is true that the Court are required to hospital intervention to head to reward klientes I represent important moral damage financial and spiritual turmoil caused Shetës Olta " . Interventions plastic chest of the popular girls are back in vogue now . Although decide to ribëjnë chest , most do not publicly acknowledge this fact, still considered a taboo . After emerging from " BB" Olta said in the media that sets its own elections , although initially advised families to such sensitive issues . ]]

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