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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Lori Hoxha, triumfon ne "Dancing With The Stars"... [VIDEO]

Lori Hoxha & Dion Gjinika
Lori Hoxha fituese e “Dancing with the Stars 4”

Lori Hoxha ka triumfuar ne mbremjen finale te spektaklit “Dancing with the Stars”, duke u bere keshtu fituesja e edicionit te katert te ketij prodhimi te Vizion Plus e Tring, me patente origjinale nga BBC. Pas nje gare prej 11 puntatash, Lori dhe balerini profesionist Dion Gjinika, jane vendosur ne kete finale perballe me kengetaren nga Kosova Flaka Krelani, si dy finalistet e mbetura, rezultat i permbledhjes se votave te jurise dhe publikut. Yjet sfiduan njera-tjetren ne pjesen e fundit te spektaklit me nga tre kercime, rumba, mambo dhe tango performanca te cilat ne fund, folem ne favor te Lori Hoxhes dhe Dionit.

Bashke me trofeun e “Dancing with the Stars”, Lori Hoxha u vleresua edhe me cmimin e madh, apartamentin luksoz, dhurate e kompanise “Edial Al”. Me heret, mbremja finale e spektaklit ashtu sic pritej solli emocione dhe ethe gare. Puntata e 12-te e “Dancing…”, nisi me kercimin brazialian Samba, ku te peste finalistet, Lori, Aurela, Arjoni, Flaka dhe Aulona sollen energjine e karnavaleve te famshme braziliane.

E para, qe u eleminua nga finalja ishte Aurela Hoxha dhe me pas kater yjet e mbetur ne gare iu rikthyen pistes se vallezimit me nje tjeter performance emocionuese, e kompletuar kjo, si te gjitha kercimet e ketij spektakli edhe nga veshjet e Ardi Asllanit. Enada Hoxha, koreografia e spektaklit dhe balerinet e trupes profesioniste sollen ne kete mbremje finale nje tango mbreselenese. Pavaresisht shpalljes se fituesit, “Dancing…” rikthehet ne puntaten e tij te fundit per kete edicion, te henen qe vjen ne nje “Grand Gala”.

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[[ translation by google:
Lori Hoxha winner of " Dancing with the Stars 4 "

Lori Hoxha has triumphed in the final evening of the show " Dancing with the Stars " , thus becoming the winner of the fourth edition of this production of Tring Vision Plus , the original patent by the BBC . After a race of 11 puntatat , Lori and Dion Gjinika professional ballet dancer , are located in the finals in front of Flame Krelani singer from Kosovo , as the two remaining finalists , the summary result of the jury and public vote . Stars challenged each other in the last part of the show with three rebounds , rumba , mambo and tango performances that end , spoke in favor of Lori Hoxha and Dioni .

Along with the trophy of " Dancing with the Stars " , Lori Hoxha was assessed with the grand prize , a luxury apartment , gift company " Edial Al " . Earlier , the final evening of the show as expected race brought excitement and fever . Puntatat 12 of the " Dancing ... " , began to dance Samba brazialian where five finalists , Lori , Aurela , Arjoni Aulona Flame and energy brought the famous Brazilian carnival .

The first , which was eliminated from the finals was Aurela Hoxha and then the remaining four stars in the race reverted dance track with another exciting performance , complete it , as all the show jumps from Ardi Asllani outfits . Enada Hoxha , choreography and dancers spectacle of professional body in this final evening brought an impressive tango . Despite the announcement of the winners , " Dancing ... " back in his last puntaten for this edition , which comes Monday in a " Grand Gala " . ]]

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