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Sunday, 31 August 2014

Viola Spiro, me ne fund rrefen ndarjen nga Arjoni...

Viola Spiro by Daniel Dervishi
photo: daniel dervishi
Viola Spiro thyen heshtjen: Jam vetem, lidhja me Arjonin ishte fantastike, por nuk eci

Nje jete e re per bionden simpatike Viola Spiro, si ne ceshtjet e zemres, ashtu dhe profesionalisht. Pas tri vitesh lidhje me Arjon Mucen, ajo tashme deklaron se i eshte perkushtuar punes ne televizion. Kater vite e njohur si velina bionde e “Fiks Fare” ne “Top Channel”, tashme ne ekran si moderatore, pasi ka firmosur kontraten e re me “Digitalb” per dy emisione. Te henave “Eurogol” dhe cdo te shtune e te diel “Fans zone” ne Supersport. Pyetjes se nese ajo tashme del me dike tjeter pas ndarjes nga Arjoni, i pergjigjet: “Jam single dhe po i perkushtohem punes. Kam ndermend te rri gjate keshtu, e nese lidhem me dike, s’do jete me publike”. Ne fakt, pak kohe pas ndarjes se ciftit mjaft simpatik, ende asnjeri prej tyre nuk kishte pranuar te rrefehej publikisht se cfare ndodhi qe ata i dhane fund lidhjes se konsoliduar. Viola thyen heshtjen duke treguar per here te pare per “Panorama Plus” perjetimet e dhenies fund te kesaj historie te bukur dashurie.”Ishte lidhje fantastike, por nuk eci mbase per fajin e te dyve. Ndoshta s’duhet te ishim aq prefekte;” Nese e ka vuajtur ndarjen ose jo, ajo thote: “Une kam vuajtur me shume vendimin e ndarjes, pasi ne momentin qe e vendosa, kishte mbaruar. Thjesht po kuptoja qe s’do e vazhdoja; Me sakte e dinim te dy qe do ndodhte dhe u ndame shume, shume mire. Vetem se une u tregova me e prere kur e kuptova kete”.

Lidhur me disa fjale se shkak per ndarjen u be nje vend pune ne televizion, qe synohej fillimisht nga motra e Arjonit por iu dha Violes, ajo e mohon, duke sqaruar se s’ka asnje te vertete ne kete mes. Dhe, per te deshmuar faktin se ata jane ndare si miq, Viola thote: “Ende nuk e kam telefonuar Arjonin pas ndarjes, pasi kam qene e zene dhe me pushime, por shume shpejt do e bej pasi dua qe ai te jete mire, ne cdo gje, perfshire karrieren. Dhe, si per te testuar sadopak faktin nese e ka harruar ose jo Arjonin, pyetjes se nese do te ndihej keq kur te shohe ish-in e saj me tjeter vajze ne krah, ajo i pergjigjet: “S‘e besoj”. /Panorama Plus/
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[[ translation by google:
Viola Spiro breaks silence: I'm single, relationship with Arjon was fantastic, but it did not work

A new life for charming blonde Viola Spiro, as in matters of the heart, as well as professionally. After about three years Arjon Muça, it already states that is dedicated to working on television. Four years known as the blond velina "Fiks Fare" in "Top Channel", now on display as moderator, having signed a new contract with "Digitalb" for two shows. Mondays "Eurogol" and every Saturday and Sunday "Fan zone" in Supersport. Asked if it already comes with someone else after splitting from Arjoni, responds: "I'm single and dedicate are working. I intend to stay long so, if I connect with someone, there will be public. "In fact, shortly after the couple's separation quite charming, yet none of them had refused to publicly confess what happened that they ended their relationship consolidated. Viola showing silence for the first time to "Panorama Plus" experiences ending of this beautiful love story. "It was fantastic about, but it did not perhaps guilty of both. Maybe we should not have as officers, "If the division has suffered or not, she says:" I have suffered more separation decision as to who decided monentin had finished. Simply does not understand that the continued; Rather both knew that would happen and we parted very, very well. Just that I was told the cut when I found it. "Regarding some words that became due to sharing a job in television, originally intended by sister Viola Arjonit but granted, it denies, explaining that there is no truth in between. And, to prove the fact that they are separated as friends, Viola says: "I still do not call Arjonin after separation, because I was busy and on vacation, but soon I'll get because I want it to be good, everything, including careers. And, as to whether the test has somehow forgotten or not Arjonin question of whether to feel bad when he sees her ex-in with another girl on the side, she responds: "I do not believe". ]]

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