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Saturday, 20 February 2010

Shpija e Kosoves 1: FINALISTET!

Shpija e Kosoves 1 Finalistet


Ne finale Albulena, Erlinda, Fadili dhe Qendrimi
Surprizat ishin te shumta gjate nates se shtune. Pikerisht surprizat ishin qe ne finale shkuan disa kandidate qe askush nuk i kishte favorizuar deri me tash. Konkurrenti i pare qe shkoi ne finale ishte Albulena, kurse pas saj te drejten per ne finale e fitoi edhe Erlinda. Po ashtu, edhe Fadili vazhdon garen per cmimin e madh prej 24 mije eurosh. I fundit qe shkoi ne finale ishte Qendrimi. Keta kater kandidate qe jane ne finale duhet te japin shume per t’i fituar 24 mije euro, sepse tash loja behet me e ashper, qe do te thote se kater mysafiret do te bejne gjithcka qe eshte e mundur per t’u shpallur fitues.
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In the final Albulena, Erlind, Fadil and attitude
Were many surprises during the night of Saturday. Exactly surprises were that we went the final few candidates had no favorites so far. The first competitor came in the final was Albulena, while her right after we won the final Erlind. Also, the race continues Fadil for the grand prize of 24 thousand euros. I last went to the finals was the attitude. These four candidates are in the final should give more to win 24 thousand euros, because now the game becomes hard, which means that four guests will do everything possible to be declared the winner.

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