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Saturday, 5 November 2011

Anisa Hasani Shkelqen ne Boten e Modelimit...

Anisa Hasani Modelja Shqiptare Qe Po Cudite Boten

Anisa Hasani, apo me shume e njohur me emrin e saj artistik, Ani Shine, dita-dites po behet shume e kerkuar dhe e njohur ne Amerike. Ajo po pozon per revista te njohura atje, por ka punuar me heret me emra shume te njohur te muzikes, duke u ofruar atyre tekste dhe kompozime te ndryshme, qe tashme jane bere hite ne mbare boten. Duke e pare kete sukses, Anisa ka vendosur qe edhe vete t’i futet ketij biznesi. Anisa po ashtu ka bashkepunim me grimieren e njohur shqiptare ne Amerike, Suzana Halili, e cila kujdeset per Anisen gjate shfaqjeve te saj. /panorama/nentor 2011/
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[[ translation by google:
Anisa Hassani an albanian model that wonders the World

Anisa Hassan, or more familiar with her ​​artistic name, Ani Shine, every day is becoming very demanding and famous in America. She poses for the popular magazines out there, but previously worked with many renowned names of music, offering them different texts and compositions,

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