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Friday, 26 March 2010

Asgje Sikur Dielli, Fotoja e Re me Kushtrim Hoxhen

Asgje Sikur Dielli
/photo public domain/

Asgje Sikur Dielli, Fotoja e Pare se Bashku

Pas largimit te Alban Nimanit, pjestaret e grupit Asgje Sikur Dielli nuk kane humbur kohe te gjejne nje kengetar te ri (Kushtrim Hoxha) dhe ti rikthehen skenes. Ata do jene ne Sharm Bar-Peyton te Prishtines me 27 mars, per ti treguar fansave se cdo gje kalon ne jete... lol. Nderkohe fotoja e pare zyrtare e formacionit eshte publikuar dhe ne po e sjellim ketu per te gjithe fansat e grupit. Kenga e tyre e fundit "Ma lehte pa dhimbje" eshte bere super hit ne Kosove. /albaniac/mars 2010/
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p.s. Formacioni i plote: Kushtrim Hoxha (Vokal), Bujar Hundozi (Gitar), Visar Qeska (Bass Gitar), Fatos Berisha (Tupana) dhe Pellumb Ballata (Klaviature)
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[[ translation by google:

After departure of Alban Nimani Asgje Sikur Dielli wasted no time in finding a new singer (Kushtrim Hoxha) and return to stage. They will be in Sharm Bar-Peyton Pristina on 27 March, to show the fans that anything goes in gja be ... lol Meanwhile the first official picture of the formation is released and we are here to bring to all fans of the group. Their last song "Easier without pain" has become super hit in Kosovo. ]]

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Alban Nimani Largohet Nga "Asgje Sikur Dielli"

Asgje Sikur Diellli
/photo public domain/

Alban Nimani largohet nga Asgje Sikur Dielli

Rok – grupi i njohur “Asgje Sikur Dielli” ka njoftuar nepermes te nje komunikate per shtyp se kane nderruar solistin e grupit Alban Nimani duke sjell ne grup, solo kengetarin e ri, aktorin kosovare nga “Familja Moderne”, Kushtrim Hoxha.

Grupi ne komunikaten per shtyp ka shkruar edhe per biografine e Kushtrimit duke shtuar se ai ka te kryera Universitetin per aktrim ne North Caroline ne SHBA dhe deri me tani ka te luajtura disa role ne Teatrin Kombetar ne Prishtine si dhe disa role ne Teatrin e Qytetit ne Charlotte , North Carolina, SHBA.

Ndryshe, Kushtrimi eshte i njohur edhe si solo-kengetar i grupit “Gre3n” perderisa ka kenduar edhe ne disa mjuzikella ne Shtetet e Bashkuara te Amerikes.

“Me ardhjen e Kushtrimit fillon nje etape e re e Asgje Sikur Diellit. Ardhja e Kushtrimit ne bend do te sjell nje freski, perderisa bendi do t’i mbetet besnik stilit dhe zhanrit te vet te muzikes duke vazhduar se shpejti edhe me risi te tjera si dhe albumin me te ri, per te cilin do te japim me shume detaje me vone,” thuhet ne komunikaten per shtyp te Asgje Sikur Dielli.

Asgje Sikur Dielli ka nxjerr ne treg deri tani dy albume, dhe kane marre pjese ne festivale te ndryshme kombetare e nderkombetare, ku edhe moren shperblime.

Asgje Sikur Dielli pervec ne Kosove, pritet qe se shpejti te jete prezent edhe ne Shqiperi dhe Maqedoni.

Kengetari i meparshem i Asgje Sikur Dielli, Alban Nimani, thuhet se pas kesaj do te vazhdoje te kendoje si solo artist. /gazeta express/01.02.2010/
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[[ translation by google:

Alban Nimani Leave Nothing as the Sun

Rok - known group "Nothing As the sun" has announced through a press release that the group have changed solistin Alban Nimani bringing in a group, the new solo singer, actor Kosovo by "Modern Family", Kushtrim Hoxha.

Group to press release has also written for the Kushtrimi biography, adding that he has committed the University for acting in North Carolina in the U.S. and so far has played several roles in the National Theater in Pristina as well as several roles in the City Theater in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA.

Alternatively, Kushtrimi is also known as a solo-singer group "Gre3n" While singing in some mjuzikella in the United States of America.

"With the advent of Kushtrimi begins a new stage Had Nothing Hill. Kushtrimi coming in band will bring a freshness, while the band will be true to his style and genre of music going soon with other innovation and the new album, for which will give more details later, "said the press release of the Sun Had Nothing.

If the sun has nothing on the market so far out two albums, and have participated in various national festivals and international, which also took prizes.

If nothing except sun in Kosovo, is expected to soon also be present in Albania and Macedonia.

The previous singer Had Nothing Sun, Alban Nimani, said that after this will continue to sing as a solo artist.

Gossip definition

Gossip is idle talk or rumor about the personal or private affairs of others. It is one of the oldest and most common means of sharing facts, views and slander. This term is used pejoratively by its reputation for the introduction of errors and variations into the information transmitted, and it also describes idle chat, a rumor of personal, or trivial nature.

The term is sometimes used to specifically refer to the spreading of dirt and misinformation, as (for example) through excited discussion of scandals. Some newspapers carry "gossip columns" which detail the social and personal lives of celebrities or of élite members of certain communities.

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