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Friday, 2 April 2010

Blerta Kastrati, "Miss Salzburg 2010", Austri

Blerta KastratiBukuroshja nga Kosova, zgjedhet Miss Salzburgu, Austri

Vajza nga Kerpimehu i Podujeves Blerta Kastrati u zgjodh MISS Salzburg 2010 ne Austri. Ne kete SHOW te bukurise kane konkurruar vasha te shumta nga Austria, por ne finale kane arritur 19 veta. Juria profesioniste e cmoi me vendin e pare Blerta Kastrati 18 vjece.

Blerta ka lindur ne Kerpimeh te Podujeves, e cila ne moshen 6 vjece se bashku me familje migroi ne Salzburg te Austrise. Ajo eshte nxenese ne Shkollen e Larte te Tregtise (Biznes viti i III-te ), me aftesi komunikatave ne shume gjuhe Boterore. Pasi qe u zgjodh titullare e MISS 2010, mori shperblime te shumta prej kompanive ma te njohura te kesaj Krahine sic jane kontrata me ADI-WAJSS kompani e njohur e modes.

Prej muajit shkurt e tutje te gjitha rruget per karrieren e bukuroshes Llapiane jane te hapura. Shperblimet jane te panumerta prej Krahines Salzburg te Austrise.

Ishte hera e pare qe konkurron ne nje gare sic ishte kjo. Pas propozimit qe i kishte bere nje modeliste, ajo kishte bere nje kohe shume te shkurter prova, dhe menjehere u plasu ne finale dhe e mori kuroren e bukurise per 2010. /bota sot/prill 2010/
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p.s. me sa kuptova (s'kuptova) gjermanisht, spektakli i bukurise ka ndodhur me 27.02.2010, por nuk jam i sigurt - teni.
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[[ translation by google:

Beauty from Kosovo, was elected Miss Salzburg, Austria

Girl from the Podujevo Kerpimehu Blerta Miss Dunham was elected in 2010 in Salzburg Austria. SHOW this beauty has run numerous maidens from Austria, but we have reached the final 19 people. The jury of respected professionals with first place Blerta Game 18.

Blerta Kerpimeh born in the Podujevo, which at age 6, together with the family migrated in Salzburg, Austria. It is a high school student of Commerce (Business year III), with communications skills into many foreign languages. Once the owner of the MISS was elected in 2010, Children took me many of the companies known to this region such as the contract with ADI-WAJSS reputable modes.

From February onwards all the beautiful ways Llapiane careers are open. There are countless awards from Regional Salzburg, Austria.

It was the first time competing in a race as it was. After the proposal that had made a modeliste, she had made a very short proof, and was immediately plasu finals and took the crown of beauty for 2010.

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The term is sometimes used to specifically refer to the spreading of dirt and misinformation, as (for example) through excited discussion of scandals. Some newspapers carry "gossip columns" which detail the social and personal lives of celebrities or of élite members of certain communities.

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