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Saturday, 10 December 2011

Drita Pelinku Feston 85-Vjetorin e Lindjes...

Aktorja Drita Pelinku feston 85-vjetorin

Artistja e qindra roleve, Drita Pelinku festoi 85- vjetorin e lindjes, nje muaj pas interpretimit te saj ne dramen “Shtrigat e Salemit”, roli i fundit ne nje karriere 65-vjecare. Pelinku ka festuar te enjten me miq, kolege e te aferm 85 vjetorin e lindjes. Pelinku kujton se ne jeten artistike ka pasur si qellim te vendos nje figure sa do te vogel ne themelet e artit te skenes shqiptare. “Me keto vleresime qe me behen sot, me lind deshira te besoj se ja kam arritur qellimit”, u shpreh Pelinku. /shqiptarja/dhjetor 2011/
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[[ translation by google:
Actress Drita Pelinku celebrates 85-years

Hundreds of artist roles, Drita Pelinku celebrated 85 - anniversary of the birth, one month after its interpretation in the drama "The Salem Witches' ​​last role in a 65-year career. Pelinku celebrated Thursday with friends, colleagues and relatives 85 years of birth. Pelinku recalls that in artistic life has been intended to put a figure on how much smaller the foundations of Albanian art scene. "With these assessments that are made today, the desire arises to believe that I achieved the goal here," said Pelinku.

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