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Sunday, 11 December 2011

Eleni Foureira, "Beyonce e Greqise" Mohon Origjinen Shqiptare...

“Beyonce e Greqise” mohon origjinen shqiptare

Megjithese te gjithe e dine se eshte me origjine shqiptare, kengetarja e njohur ne Greqi me emrin Eleni Foureira, vazhdon ta mohoje origjinen, duke pohuar se eshte meksikane. Ne fakt, kengetarja e cilesuar si "Beyonce e Greqise" ka shkaktuar shume polemika ne shtypin grek, per shkak te mohimit te origjines se saj, pasi burime thone se e ema e saj eshte nga Vlora kurse i ati nga Fieri. Eleni eshte nje emer i njohur ne Greqi, pasi pak kohe me pare ka fituar cmimin kryesor ne spektaklin e talenteve “Just the two of us” ne televizionin me te ndjekur grek, "Mega", si nje yll me ze te vecante. /standard/dhjetor 2011/
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[[ translation by google:
"Greece's Beyonce" denies Albanian origin

Although everyone knows that it is of Albanian origin, known in Greek singer Eleni Foureira named, continues to deny the origins, claiming that it is Mexican. In fact, the singer described as "Beyonce's Greece" has caused much controversy in the Greek press, because the denial of its origin, as sources say that her mother is the father of Vlora and Fier. Eleni is a name known in Greece as long ago won the top prize at the spectacle of talent "Just the two of us" in Greek television on track, "Mega" as a star with special voice.

Saturday, 3 December 2011

VIP Ballina: Revista GAME OVER, 2 Dhjetor 2011

Revista GAME OVER, 2 Dhjetor 2011
  • Eleni Foureira: "Jam Greke!", Kengetarja qe mohon origjinen shqiptare
  • "Akoma se besoj", Kenga qe paralajmeroi divorcin e Devis Xherahut
  • Bjordi dhe Adela realizojne enderrat e tyre
  • Starton BB5, Cfare duhet te beni per te qene pjese e ketij reality show?
  • Stinet rock te Flaka Krelanit
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[[ translation by google:
Eleni Foureira: "I'm greek!", the singer who denies her Albanian origin
"I still don't believe" song that warned of divorce of Devis Xherahu
Adela and Bjordi realize their dreams
BB5 starts, What do you do to be part of this reality show?
Rock seasons of Flaka Krelani

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