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Saturday, 21 March 2009

Eurovision 2009: Flet Koreografi Julian Bulku

Julian Bulku
/photo panorama etc./

Flet koreografi Julian Bulku
“Ne Eurovizion do te shihni nje Kejsi tjeter”

Ka hapur nje studio ne Athine dhe punon si pedagog joge, hip- hop-i, apo danci modern. Eshte 33 vjec, jeton ne Greqi dhe kjo do te jete hera e tij e dyte ne Eurovizion. Pas koreografise se nje viti me pare me Kalomiren, kete here do te jete koreografi i Kejsi Toles, ne konkurrimin e Shqiperise ne Eurovizion. Julian Bulku tregon per “Panorama Plus”, se si do te jete performanca e kengetares 16 vjecare ne skenen e Moskes:

Do jeni koreografi i Kejsi Toles ne Festivalin Evropain, qe do organizohet ne Rusi. Si u vendos te ishit ju?
Duke pyetur veten sa deshire kisha qe te perfaqesoja Shqiperine ne Eurosong, telefonova Zamira Kolecin, e cila u tregua shume e gatshme per bashkepunimin tim ne kete projekt. U takuam menjehere me drejtorin e RTSH-se, Petrit Becin, kompozitorin dhe poetin e kenges dhe rame dakord, qe ne kete perfaqesim te Shqiperise te isha dhe une.

Sa eshte pagesa, qe ju ka bere TVSH-ja per kete projekt?
Me duket se po flasim per perfaqesimin e vendit tim ne Eurosong.

Po kush eshte Julian Bulku?
Jam 33 vjec dhe jam shume i kenaqur me cfare me ka sjelle jeta deri tani. Karriera ime si artist ka filluar, qe atehere kur nisa te studioj per balet, dhe vazhdon ende si krijues baleti.

Vitin e kaluar ju punuat per kengetaren greke Kalomira ne Eurovizion. Cfare ndryshon ne kendveshtrimin tuaj per koreografine e Kejsit?
Duke marre parasysh qe une jam krijues, nuk besoj se koreografia e Kalomires mund te ngjaje me te Kejsit. Jane dy artiste te ndryshme, nga mosha dhe personaliteti.

Kemi pare deri tani nje Kejsi te permbajtur ne skene. Ju cilen Kejsi do na ofroni nepermjet Eurovizionit?
Kejsi eshte nje vajze me energji pozitive, dhe artiste qe e ka treguar veten. Duke marre parasysh nje vajze 16 vjecare me deshire dhe pasion per rrugen artistike qe ka nisur them se do jape maksimumin. Kam shume besim te Kejsi se do te jete vetvetja.

Nga eksperienca juaj e nje viti me pare ne Eurovizion, mund te na rrefeni se si i keni pare gjerat nga afer, si ju jane dukur?
Duke pasur parasysh qe “Eurosong”, pervecse nje konkurs artistik eshte kthyer dhe nje konkurs politik mes shteteve, mendoj se duke punuar per nje qellim te perbashket, Shqiperia do kete nje paraqitje te shkelqyer.

Nje koreograf sa pike mund t’i jape nje konkurrimi te tille?
Nje koreograf mund t’i jape shume shpjegime nje kenge dhe ta ndjeje, me qellimin qe publiku ta pelqeje. Por nje koreograf nuk mund te ndryshoje gje pa kercimtaret, qe do zbukurojne punen. Keshtu qe duke punuar me artistet e duhur mund te realizojme nje pjesemarrje te shkelqyer. Jemi duke menduar per tre balerine djem nder me te miret.

Dhe nje pyetje thjesht per kuriozitet nisur nga mbiemri juaj. Cfare ju lidh me aktoren Rajmonda Bulku?
Po jemi kusherinj dhe dy shoke shume te dashur. “I love Monda fan club”. /panorama/21.03.09/
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[translation by google:

Choreographer Julian Bulku speaks
"We will see a different Kejsi in Eurovision"

Has opened a studio in Athens and works as a professor joge, hip-hop is, or danci modern. It is 33 years old, lives in Greece and this will be his second time at Eurovision. After koreografise than a year ago with Kalomiren, this here will be the choreographer Casey Toles, in Albania in the Eurovision competition. Julian Bulku shows for "Panorama Plus, how will be the performance of the singer 16 years at the scene of Moscow:

Do you choreography of Casey Toles in Evropain Festival, which will be organized in Russia. As was put to were you?
Asking themselves how I like to represent Albania in Eurosong, telefonova Zamira Koleci, which demonstrated very ready for my cooperation in this project. Immediately met with the Director-RTSH, Petrit Becin, composer and poet of the Song and agreed that in this representation of I and I Albania.

What is the payment that you made VAT for this project?
It seems to me that we are talking about representing my country in Eurosong.

Who is Julian Bulku?
I am 33 years old and am very pleased with what has brought to life so far. My career started as an artist, if you read the NISAT for ballet, and still continues as creative ballet.

Last year you punuat for kengetaren Greek Kalomira Eurovision. What changes in your view koreografine of Casey?
Given that I am creative, I do not believe that koreografia of Kalomires can favor of Casey. Are two different artists, from the age and personality.

We have seen so far Casey contained in a scene. Casey which you will provide us through Eurovision?
Casey is a girl with positive energy, and artists who have shown themselves. Considering a 16 year girl with desire and passion for street art has begun to say that would give the maximum. I have more faith in Casey that would be self.

From your experience of a year ago in Eurovision, we can rrefeni how you see things closely, as you have appeared?
Given the "Eurosong", but an artistic contest is back, and a political competition between states, I think that working for a common goal, Albania will have a great presentation.

Koreograf as a point can provide such a competition?
A koreograf can provide more explanation and I feel a song, with the aim to please the public. But a koreograf which can not be altered without the dancers, who will work zbukurojne. Thus working with the right artists can realize an excellent. We're thinking about three boys dancer honor better.

And a question just for curiosity started by your surname. What connects you with actress Rajmonda Bulku?
Yes we are cousins and two very dear friends. "I love Monde fan club."

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