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Saturday, 27 February 2010

K-Master Se Shpejti Me Albumin e Ri "Electro Cossova"

Kushtrim Berisha aka K-Master
/photo public domain/

"Electro Cossova"
Pervec Hip Hop-it, producenti i njohur kosovar, K-Master koheve te fundit po merret edhe me zhanre tjera te muzikes

Njeri prej producenteve me te njohur kosovar, dhe mbare shqiptar, Kushtrim Berisha i njohur si K-Master, pervec Hip Hop-it dhe disa zhanreve tjera, koheve te fundit po merret edhe me nje zhaner tjeter te muzikes, ate Electro.

Ne fakt, ‘shefi’ i Infinit Records, K-Master shume shpejt pritet ta hedh ne treg albumin e tij te zhanrit Electro, qe do te titullohet "Electro Cossova" (Elektro Kosova).

Kete e ka konfirmuar per Express vete K-Master, i cili pohoi se eshte ne fazen perfundimtare puna rreth realizimit te ketij albumi.

“Albumi ne pergjithesi eshte electro, por ka edhe progressiv house, minimal techno, vocal house, club house. Me nje fjale jam munduar t’i kombinoj keto zhanre ndermjet vete, qe te del sa me interesant. Ka edhe elemente shqip, dhe kryesisht eshte muzike e club-ve”, deklaroi K-Master per Express.

Ai tha se nese punet ecin sipas planifikimeve te tij, albumi mund te dal ne shitje ne nje te ardhme shume te afert.

“Albumin Electro Cossova kam filluar ta punoje para tri vitesh. Por, duke i pasur disa angazhime tjera me projekte te ndryshme me ka mbetur pak ca anash. Kame shume kenge te gatshme, dhe tani jam duke e bere perzgjedhjen e atyre me te mira, te cilat do te jene pjese e ketij albumi. Nese gjithcka shkon sipas planeve, atehere dikur ne muajin mars perfundon puna rreth albumit, dhe do te hidhet ne treg para veres 2010”, theksoi K-Master.

Electro Cossova do te perbehet prej 16 kengeve te cilat jane realizuar ne Infinit Records ne Zvicer. K-Master tregoi edhe personat me te cilet ka bashkepunuar rreth realizmit te ketij albumi, derisa beri me dije se eshte duke punuar rreth hapjes se nje studio profesionale ne vendlindjen e tij, ne Prishtine.

“Ne album shumica jane instrumentale, por ka edhe bashkepunime dhe shkembime te ideve me te tjere. Ne Kengen ‘Shum po m’dhem’ mysafir e kam Dj Creep, nje remix i Bareshes ne House Progressiv, e cila eshte aktuale ne Zvicer, dhe eshte duke u prit shume mire prej mysafireve ne diskotekat ku leshon muzik DaLooli, me te cilin eshte edhe bashkepunimi. Pastaj, ka edhe pjese te vokaleve edhe ka bashkepunim ne kenge me Da Ghostin”, pohoi ai.

K-Master tha se nje instrumental i ketij albumi, do te pasurohet edhe me videoklip. “Eshte nje videoprojekt me nje instrumental qe e kam punuar gjate veres se kaluar. Ne ate dominon klarineti dhe harmonika e perzier me sinta modern. Pra aty ka ngjyra te regjionit ku jetojme dhe instrumente qe perdoren prej muzikes popullore po te perdorura ne zhaner house. Spoti eshte duke u planifikuar, pra duke nxjerr ideja dhe do te realizohet ne Entermedia”, perfundoi K-Master. /valon konushevci/gazeta express/shkurt 2010/
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[[ translation by google:

"Electro Cossova"
Besides Hip Hop-it, the producer known Kosovo, K-recent Master is dealing with other genres of music

One of the known producers with Kosovo, and the entire Albanian Berisha Kushtrim known as K-Master, except Hip Hop and some genre's other recent one is dealing with another genre of music, it Electro.

In fact, 'chief' of Infinite Records, K-Master soon expected to commercialize his album Electro genre, to be titled "Electro Cossova" (Electro Kosovo).

Has confirmed this to Express themselves K-Master, who confirmed that work is in the final phase of this album about implementation.

"The album in general is electro, but there are progressive house, minimal techno, vocal house, club house. In a word I tried to combine these genres between them, that comes as interesting. There are elements of Albanian, and mostly is the music club States, "said K-Master for Express.

He said if the move works according to its planning, the album could go on sale in a very near future.

"Electro Cossova album I started to work before three years. But, having some other commitments with various projects has remained little ca side. Kame more songs ready, and now I'm making the selection of those with good, which will be part of this album. If everything goes according to plans, once in March then finishes work on album, and will be thrown on the market before summer 2010, "said K-Master.

Electro Cossova will be composed of 16 songs that are realized in Infinite Records in Switzerland. K-Master told the persons who has collaborated with some realism to this album, unless made with knowledge that is working on opening a professional studio in his hometown, in Pristina.

"We are most instrumental album, but also cooperation and exchange of ideas with others. In the song 'Shum is m'dhem' I guest DJ Creep, a remix of the House Progressive Bareshes, which is present in Switzerland, and is being very well received by guests discotheques where muzik DaLooli issues, with which is and cooperation. Then there are the vocal part is in collaboration with Da Ghostin song, "he maintained.

K-Master said that an instrumental of this album, will be enriched with video. "It is a videoprojekt with an instrumental that I worked during the last summer. At that dominates klarineti and harmonica mixed with modern Sint. So there color to the region where we live and instruments used by popular music genre are used in the house. Spot is being planned, thus the idea out and will be carried out in Entermedia ", completed K-Master.

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