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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Me kreatoren Krenare Rugova...

Krenare Rugova
photo: jetmir idrizi
Krenare Rugova, aty ku moda gershetohet me artin

Plot stil dhe elegance, kreatorja Krenare Rugova, tregon fillimet e saj, tendencat e modes, menyren si funksionon moda ne Kosove si dhe ekspozon nje pjese te koleksionit te ri te saj...

Pasioni per te bukuren eshte rritur bashke me te, duke marre format dhe permasat e nje shijeje te rafinuar dhe me stil. Me formen e saj unike te shprehjes se kreativitetit artistik si dhe me eksperiencen profesionale, Krenare Rugova me brendin e saj (KR) ka fituar respekt edhe ne qendrat prestigjioze te modes si ne Paris dhe New York. Ajo ka vazhduar universitetin me renome te madhe ne fushen e modes 'Parsons School of Design', New York dhe ne Paris.

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Krenare Rugova Deperton Ne Tregun Evropian

Krenare Rugova
/photo ap/

Kosovar designer launches her clothing line in Vienna and Zurich

Krenare Rugova, an US-educated Kosovar fashion designer, has recently launched her clothing line in the city of Vienna. Her spring/summer collection ’09 was initially presented at an event in Linz (Austria) on April 22 along with other international fashion designers. Fashion admirers at the show had the chance to purchase their favorite designer made clothes. Krenare Rugova's garments are now available for sale in "At First Sight", a designer store in Vienna.

The label Krenare Rugova will also be soon available in Zurich (Switzerland), where new collection of dresses and garments will be sold at "Ostblock", a designer store that offers garments from eastern European designers.

This marks Krenare’s first commercial presentation outside of Kosovo and she believes that her label “will be received well by international customers.” Moreover, she sees this achievement as a positive reflection for Kosovo’s high potential of developing young talented artists. /eciks/22.04.09/lexuar te
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